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It's no news for any Lion in the LeoVerse that Leo Finance has a centralized leadership spearheaded by @leofinance AKA @khaleelkazi and a big team of fullstack developers who are constantly releasing updates and improving leofinance.io and all the sibling projects in order to be on the bleeding edge of technology.

The Tech and the code speaks for themselves, the LeoVerse is right there near the top if not the top itself when it comes to projects built on top of the Hive Blockchain.

It is also no news that @leogrowth has been focusing on growing the social side of the LeoVerse. While LeoFinance and Khal work 20 hours a day to have the best tech for the Lion community, Leogrowth strives to spread these updates, grow the community and leverage our numbers while developing the community side of things. If the tech is astounding, people should hear about it, people should be aware this tech exists and the community should rally behind these initiatives and support the projects in order to grow and become stronger as a Lion community.

Decentralized curation


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Since last week, the *Leo Ambassador team made up by @l337m45732, @whatsup, @niallon11, @bitcoinflood, @idiosyncratic1, @finguru, @uyobong, and yours truly, have been putting down some time daily striving to find the best content published on the leofinance.io frontend or that uses the leofinance tag.

The curation process is simple, and anyone who's been on Hive for a few years will recognize this process that has been used before by other curation guilds:

Each ambassador browses the leofinance.io created feed every day and finds three hidden gems and/or under rewarded content and drops these links under a curation channel in the Leo discord server and once the PDT day is done, the ambassadors anonymously pick ten posts in total that will get a vote from @leo.voter and the oracle accounts.

This process is as decentralized as possible because the Leo Finance team has no say on which posts get curated, it is up to and only to the ambassadors criteria to pick which posts should have a go at being curated by the centralized accounts controlled by @leofinance. At the same time, this process is unbiased because the links the ambassadors drop are seen by the other ambassadors as anonymous, hence making the curation process based only on the post quality and not based on who dropped the link.

This curation process is new and will get some improvements and tweaks along the way, but now that we have found a vibe, a rhythm and a routine that works for all of us, we figured it was time to announce this newly implemented curation system.

How to get your post picked for curation

Each ambassador has a different criteria and it is their own, neither @leogrowth, @leofinance nor even @khaleelkazi can get in the middle of their curation process (otherwise it would stop being decentralized, get it?), but from this past week of curation, we've found there are some common denominators for each of their criteria:

1. Posts that do their own research are the top picks - There are plenty of sources out there in the crypto world. A good post is educational for the audience, contains a lot of accurate information and is written with a good understanding of the topic.

2. Length is important - Short posts are hard to curate, not because they might not be good, but because an article that goes deep into any money-related topic is more useful for the Leo Finance audience and it shows a lot more effort than a short post.

3. Topics related to Community Pages - This one is easy, LeoFinance currently has 20+ community pages related to some of the main blockchains, projects and tools in the cryptoverse. Posts published on Leo Finance that talk about these topics have a big chance of getting picked for curation.

4. Interesting posts that break the mold - There's nothing interesting in talking for the 67th time about the technicalities and the economics of the ETH merge, but imagine if you talked about that same topic but explained for dummies? Now that's breaking the mold.

5. Quality, not quantity - I have seen that a big chunk of the posts that got picked by the ambassadors come from authors who focus on getting one good post out rather than three meh articles per day. Maybe that's just me, but getting High quality content out there even if it's just a few articles per week instead of writing several mid-tier quality posts is a good strategy.

These are just some tips for getting curated and the list comes from my own point of view of how curation is being handled currently by the ambassadors, it is by no means a checklist to get curated by @leo.voter and the oracle accounts, but it might help Lions get an overview of what is currently getting picked by the team.

Adding value to the Leo Ecosystem

As you may have noticed, most of the @leogrowth initiatives work in synergy: Lions create awesome content for the Community Pages and the created feed in order to make leofinance.io the go-to website for getting crypto, economics, finance and money-related content, the ambassadors curate the best posts out there and pick the very best for @thedailyleo, which is sent to a huge audience that might end up coming to leofinance.io to get their share of news and opinions on the trendiest topics, then threads and twitter sharing helps spreading the word about these articles, making more people turn their heads to leofinance.io... and so on.

It all starts with amazing content creation, and it is up to the community of Lions to create the best content out there and as of now, it is up to the ambassadors to find these amazing posts and reward them accordingly.

What are you waiting for?

Go create the best pieces for Leo Finance and our community pages, I'm sure your kickass posts will eventually be found by our ambassadors.

* **

This post exists to inform the community about our curation process in pro of transparency. The liquid HBD from this post will be used to sponsor community driven contests, so spare a vote!

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