Leo Challenge: The real value of HBD - 1,000 LEO tokens in Prizes!

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HBD is the hottest stable coin in the block right now, and if you haven't heard about everything surrounding our native stable token, you are in for a ride, but more about that at the end of the post.

We are all part of a global crypto community and, even though we all speak the same language in terms of currency (Hive and HBD) it is a fact that the same token has a different value depending on where you live.

In some parts of the world, 10 HBD is barely enough to pay for a beer at your local pub whereas in some parts of the world, those same 10 Hive Backed Dollars can buy groceries for a full week!

The challenge for this week is simple as hell...

What is the value of HBD in your hometown?


Make a post about what can you buy with 10 (or 100, or 1000) HBD in your hometown, give us as many details as you can or perhaps use several examples: Maybe go to a grocery store and show us your weekly purchases and tell us about the prices, or go to the local market to shop for your fruits and veggies and show us what you bought, and how many HBDs you had to spend!

Now that you are thinking of how to make this post, try to tell us a bit more about how inflation has affected the price of goods in your hometown and it has damaged the purchasing power of the average person.

*Be creative, make this post a Leo Finance worthy post.

Maybe go deeper in how you can save some money by buying some stuff in some parts of town, or how the best stuff is sold in a particular day of the week, or perhaps talk about how you manage to make the money last by picking some products over others, some store over another, etc. Tell us how you make your budget last!

Think about how prices affect you and your family, and what you could do if you suddenly had a budget of 50 HBD instead of 20 for the week.

Think about everything that can or can't be done with 100 HBD a month, and let us take a big look about your hometown and the prices around your daily life.

Basically, talk about HBD and how much are things in your hometown, what is the average salary, how much does your family need to have a good life, how much are groceries, going to a restaurant, having some beers, paying for rent, gas, electricity etc.

Now that you understood the point of the challenge, tell the Leo community how do you make a budget that will be efficient to live in your hometown, and what you are doing right and what are your mistakes when it comes to sticking to that budget.

You can talk about anything on this challenge

As long as it has to do with your local prices and how much one needs to live there. Perhaps you want to focus on your kid's school expenses, or maybe you want to talk about playing football and how much it costs to buy the gear, or perhaps you want to write about grocery shopping and your strategies to save money...

OR maybe you want to talk about those three and many, many more aspects of your hometowns economy!

The more details, pictures, and deep explanations about your local hometown economy in terms of HBD value, the biggest your chance to win!!

Three Hive users will win 250 LEO tokens each, and 10 more will get an honorable mention worth 25 LEO tokens.

Some rules

1.Reblog this post 2.Publish your post using leofinance.io 3.Use the tag "HBDvalue" so other lions can find your posts and curate them

Bonus - If you publish your post and then share it on Twitter, it will definitely help your chances to win! Make sure to tag @leofinance and use #hive and #hbd in your Tweet!

You have until May 15, 23:59 PST to post your entry to the challenge.

And now, before you go make your post, think about the real value of HBD and now think about you could be investing your HBD and make it work for you, generating even more tokens in your wallet without doing anything, except providing liquidity in the form of pHBD (Polygon HBD, a token by Leo Finance).

If you want to know more, join the Leo Finance Discord channel and ask about pHBD... or simply go here and learn it all by yourself.

** Thumbnail made by @shaialfonzo based off this pic. The HBD rewards received from this post will be burned.

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