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If you've been living under a rock then you have no idea that every Tuesday at noon (ish) @khaleelkazi hosts the weekly Leo Finance AMA - Ask Me Anything - alongside @scaredycatguide and the MIA @nealmcspadden (wen Neal?).

During these AMAs they discuss anything related to the LeoVerse, the current state of affairs in the crypto and finance world, and most importantly, they respond to any and every question the community has about everything related to the LeoVerse.


The thing is, these three Lions are very busy most of the time, and they do their best to be available and coordinate every Tuesday to make the best show they can, but this is not always the case.

Well, this Tuesday is one of those few where only Khal is available and since he tries to be in touch with the community as much as possible and be available for anyone to ask him anything on a weekly basis, the AMA of this week will be a bit different.

Did anyone said Interactive AMA?


Since this time it'll be Khal with the mic, the Leo community will be able to go live on air and make a feature voice appearance in the show.

If you want to ask a question live, discuss some aspects of the Leo community with Khal, debate with our glorious leader about the future of crypto, send your mom a kiss, share your vision of a piece of the LeoVerse, suggest a feature or a dynamic on leofinance.io, whine that your posts are not getting votes because they suck the community hasn't seen them yet, promote a Leo Finance related initiative or contest, or pretty much anything, this is your chance to do so.

All you need to do is send @leogrowth#5852 a discord message before 11 am EST and we'll coordinate your feature appearance on this week's show.

See you on Tuesday, September 27 at noon

It doesn't matter if you want to participate or you just want to tune in, see you on the next AMA!

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