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Setting attainable short term goals is one the easiest ways to achieve longer term goals. By creating short term strategies that you follow closely allows you to keep track of your progress, learn where you are making mistakes and change the tactics, and identifying your good practices. In the end, having a long term goal made of several shorter term goals is the best way to reach your main objective.

In this case, the objective at hand is Leo Power by December 31st, 2023.

Here's how this Leo Finance contest will work:

  1. Set a Leo Power goal for 2023.
  2. Set smaller monthly goals. Take into account post rewards, LPUDs, curation and market buys.
  3. Create a strategy to achieve your monthly goals.
  4. Have rainy season strategy and have answers to possible setbacks and obstacles.
  5. Have a list of to-do things that will help you achieve your short term goals - post 10 times a month, not allow your LeoPower to reach 100%, buy X $leo for LPUD every month, use HBD rewards to grow your stack, and things like that.

Make a post about "My Leo Goals for 2023"

Go into as much detail as possible on how you are planning to achieve your 2023 goal. Describe your strategies, get into networking, making in-hive relations, participate in Leo and Leo-related contests, how much of your HBD rewards you are using to buy $Leo etc. Include what discord role (and benefits they carry) you want to reach and why. Talk about why these goals are important for you and why you believe Leo Finance is a good investment - or why are you investing in $leo.

You must publish this post before 2023 begins. Use the tag #myleogoals for the post. Share your post with a description (not just the link) on *#threads.

The Leo Finance curation team will be on the lookout for great posts using the #myleogoals tag.

This is a good example of a post about #myleogoals.

Don't copy paste this post and then edit in your own goals, just look at this post as a good example post for this initiative. Get creative and do your own thing!

How will the "My Leo Goals" initiative work


Every single month, from the 1st to the 5th of the month, you are welcome to make a post about your goals for the month at hand, and how have you progressed through the year. Go in depth on the strategy, what's working and what you have to change, how close you are to the main goal etc. Share your progress!

This post must use the tag #myleogoals - just like the first post you make before this year ends, stating your 2023 goals - and will be curated accordingly by the Leo curation Team. Posts published after the 5th of the month at hand will not be curated.

Some requirements

The goals must be attainable but also ambitious, otherwise they wouldn't pose a challenge for us, that's why we came up with the table below, stating how ambitious your Leo Power goals must at least be to be eligible to win a prize at the end of the year - oh yes, there are prizes by December 2023, but more on that below.

It doesn't matter how much LeoPower you hold right now, everyone can join in the fun!

Your goals can be more ambitious than what the table below states, but they have to be at least:

If by the moment you publish your post (before 2022 ends) you...

  • Are not a $leo holder, you must at least reach Newborn CUB status - 2k LeoPower by the end of 2023
  • Have less than 2k LP, you must finish 2023 with 2k + your current stack - Let's say you have 500 LP by Jan 1, then you must have 2.5k by Dec 31.
  • Have between 2k - 5k LP, you must at least double that bag.
  • Have between 5k - 10k LP, you must at least reach Lion status - 15k LeoPower.
  • If you have a Lion status, you must double your stack.
  • If you are a Leader of the Pack or above you must set an example and grow your stack by 50%.

You can set higher goals, it's up to you, and if you set higher goals you must clarify it in your post because anyone who goes above and beyond on their 2023 goals will get an even bigger prize!

Do not power down between today and the moment you make your post, don't cheat! We will check :P Alt accounts will take into account the main one's LeoPower. If your main account has 5k Leo, then your goal must match that tier. If you create an alt account we will notice :P

What's in it for you?

Well, first of all, we have a lot in store planned for 2023, and you will be thankful you picked Leo Finance and the $leo token as part of your investment strategy next year.

We have Ad revenue coming for Leo holders, several social initiatives, Gamification, NFTization, the new UI is coming, social media strategies, SEO and Marketing campaigns, a parent website for the LeoVerse, strengthening the DeFi side, collaborations with projects in and out of Hive, influencer marketing and much, much more.

Growing your stack while getting monthly curation from the Leo curation team in your monthly goals report (using #myleogoals).

The normal LPUD delegations will be on your side, but we will also have initiatives on top of LPUD to incentivize $leo holders - like slay the dragon NFTs. LPUD will keep grinding badges, which will be useful for a huge initiative we have planned by the end of the year.

Gamification will take into account your LeoPower, and you will have extra rewards for joining the gamified initiatives within LeoFinance.

And much, much more.

But we also have a huge bonus for those who achieve their #myleogoals at the end of the year

Before we tell you, why don't you reblog this post? This will not be a competition, anyone who reaches their 2023 goals will get a prize, so the more people who join this will not affect your bonus and it will help the Leo ecosystem and thus, will benefit you as a Leo Holder.

Everyone who by the end of 2023 achieves their Leo Power goals stated in their first post - the one you have to post before this year ends, taking into account the minimum amounts stated above - will get...

  • A ticket for a raffle of a 50k Liquid Leo prize pool
  • A ticket for a raffle of 100k Leo Power delegation pool that will last ALL of 2024
  • A ticket for a raffle of 4 tickets for a huge event we have planned in 2024.
  • A limited edition NFT for everyone who achieves their goals.
  • If you are interested, you can become a Leo Ambassador in 2024.
  • A ticket for a raffle of TEN Leo Finance goodie kits.

Everyone who reaches their goal, will get a delegation of the same amount as their goal for a whole month in 2024.

No raffle for this last prize. Everyone who achieves their goal will get this delegation.

That means that if you set a goal of powering up 2k Leo Power through 2023 and you achieve it, then you will get a 2k delegation for a whole month in 2024. The month is to be defined because obviously the Leo Finance team doesn't have millions of LP available to delegate, so we will set a monthly schedule in 2024 to fulfill all the delegations in the span of six months.

So yes, as you can see, Leo Finance is all about having a Long Term mindset*. We already have everything planned for 2023 and we are already thinking 2024 and it's not even the end of 2022.

Things to consider

If anyone who has never been a $Leo holder decides to join the #myleogoals initiative throughout the year, they are eligible to do so, all they need to do is get to CUB STATUS before the year ends.

As you can see, anyone can join this is initiative even if they become Hive or Leo users in 2023. If you invite your friends let them know about this 2023 initiative!

We will have sporadic reminders of this initiative in order to reach new users throughout the year.

If anyone who is or has been a $Leo holder doesn't join this initiative before 2023 begins, they are not forbidden from joining, they can still do so but they will have less time in terms of months to reach their goals and it will be harder - but not impossible - to achieve them.

Their Leo Power taken into account for the goals will be the the one they hold at a) the moment of making their first post or b) the LeoPower they held at the end of 2023. Whatever stack is biggest will be taken into account.

So now you know.

Make your first #myleogoals post as soon as you can and create a strategy for growing your stack and be eligible to win one of the many prizes on top of the normal LPUD prizes!

All the liquid HBD from this post will be used to support community driven and organized contests, so spare a vote and don't forget to reblog!

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