The biggest LPUD in history

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At least so far, and I hope we break our own record many times next year.

But as far as it goes...

This has been the most successful LPUD in history!

We powered up 240k Leo!

153 Lions joined this edition - this is the record so far by the way.

Alright, alright, we did have an LPUD where we powered up 330k Leo and once where we powered up 230k, but the thing is, when we powered up 230k the founder of @leofinance, @khaleelkazi powered up 100k Leo, and when we reached 330k Khal powered up 200k.

But this time, without Khal, we powered up 240k.

Honestly, even though I love seeing the founder of Leo put his money where his mouth is and power up Leo, I love seeing the community powering up so much LEO after 7 months of LPUD.

Every month that passes, LPUD drains the available supply, making it harder and harder to get our hands on $leo tokens, so the fact that the community rallied together to close the year like this simply makes me bullish as hell.

This was the fourth time we had badges, did you get yours?

I did, I have four in a row now and I am already preparing for December and the shadow from the forest getting stronger as we speak...


If you know what's good for you, you'll stack these badges

There's something huge happening in late 2023 and the holders of these badges will be thankful they stacked them.

Don't worry if you didn't get the badge this month, we have this badge prepared for every next LPUD, you still have time to stack your badges and participate in a HUGE event we have prepared for 2023 so, keep powering up Leo and keep stacking those badges! They are a proof of lion pride badge but they will be useful in the long run.

By the way, this LPUD badge is only possible thanks to @hivebuzz and @arcange, if you haven't approved their DHF proposal, show them some appreciation and do it now!

We want to thank @edicted, @lbi-token, @investing-dude, @bitcoinflood, @steemstreems, @taskmaster4450 @scaredycatguide, @whatsup, @forexbrokr, @mcoinz79 and the new additions @alexvan and @jongolson for the delegations they added to the prize pool! If you are not following them, you should go right now!


This initiative exists only because the Leo community is solid, thinks long term, and gets involved with everything happening around the Lion's Den, thank you all Lions!

Community Delegation Winners

Enough with preludes and thank you notes, here are the delegation winners from the community prizes:

2k from @forexbrokr to @rmsadkri

2k from @mcoinz79 to @successforall

2k from @scaredycatguide & @whatsup to @tengolotodo

2k from @steemstreems to @emaxisonline

3k from @jongolson to @michupa

3k from @lbi-token to @holovision.cash

4k from @alexvan to @howzat

5k from @bitcoinflood to @behiver

5k from @anomadsoul to @imfarhad

5k from @leomarkettalk & @taskmaster4450 to @luckyali

10k from @investing-dude to @successchar

10k from @edicted to @readthisplease

Congratulations Lions, make good use of this delegation!


20k Delegation Winners

This is the honey pot, three users won a 20k delegation for 3 weeks!




Congratulations Lions, you are a huge orca in LEO, go spread the votes!

You will receive your delegations somewhere in the next 24 hours, and you will have them for three weeks. Get the Leo Love spread going!

If anyone wants to check the process that we used to pick the winners, [check out this video](https://leofinance.io/@anomadsoul/lpud-december-transparency-video).

To everyone who joined but didn't win, don't get disappointed, there will be a LPUD every month of the year, for every year to come, so keep joining in these initiatives and keep growing your Leo power, together we'll go to the moon.


2023 will be huge, I can't express how bullish I am with where Leo Finance is headed.

Good times ahead Lions, good times ahead.

All the liquid rewards from this post will be used to support community driven contests!

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