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LPUD was a huge success and with that, 120 Lions got one step closer to winning a HiveFest ticket with accommodation included, but the #roadtohivefest is not yet done, there are still several requirements to be fulfilled by those Lions who are determined to attend the biggest in-real-life event in the Hive ecosystem.

One of the requirements to be eligible to win a HiveFest ticket is to post at least 8 times using the Leo Finance interface, which is something pretty easy do accomplish if you are a Hive user that already makes Leo Finance posts, but this task could be pretty hard to get around if you don't post frequently on Leo Finance.

Well, this is your chance to fulfill the *8 post requirement, and at the same time help the brand new Community Pages get some interaction and content.

Make a post (or several) in one of the new Community Pages

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Go do some research, pick an interesting topic related to one of the community pages, create awesome, high quality content for one of the community pages and earn Leo rewards in the process, while helping our Community pages get amazing content to draw attention towards Leo Finance!

Our team of curators, @leo.voter and the oracle accounts will be on the lookout for these posts and will vote those who are of high quality!

All you have to do is: Pick one of the communities we have on Leo Finance. Make a high quality post on Leo Finance about said topic using the relevant tags so your content shows up in the Community Page Go to Twitter and share your article, tag (*@) the twitter account in the list and use the hashtags below to spread the word about your piece to other crypto users and other crypto communities...

And that's it, you are helping the Leo Finance ecosystem while boosting your rewards and getting one step closer to winning a HiveFest ticket!

Add-on: If you manage to make at least 7 high quality posts, one per community, before July 31st, leave a comment here letting us know and you will receive a very pleasant surprise!

You can make your pick among these communities:

CommunityTag on LFTwitter Acc to @Hashtags on Twitter
Apeboard Financeapeboard@ape_board#apeboard#apeboardfinance
Avalancheavalanche@avalancheavax#avalanche#avax $avax
Coin Deskcoindesk@CoinDesk#coindesk#cryptonews
Coin Geckocoingecko@coingecko#coingecko#crypto
Coin Market Capcoinmarketcap@coinmarketcap#coinmarketcap#cryptonews
Coin Telegraphcointelegraph@cointelegraph#cointelegraph#cryptonews
Comdeskcomdesk@ComdexOfficial#comdex $cmdx #cmdx
Defi Returndefireturn@defireturn#defireturn#cryptoassets
Ethereumethereum@ethereum#ethereum#eth $eth
Polygonpolygon@0xPolygon#polygon $matic #matic
Solanasolana@solana#solana#sol $sol
Splinterlandssplinterlands@splinterlands#splinterlands#sps $sps
Thorchainthorchain@thorchain#thorchain#rune $rune

Note: Splinterlands posts have to talk about the ecosystem, not personal games or trades. Remember we are trying to reach users of the community, so the post has to be about the community!

So now you have it, pick a community, do your own research, write a high quality post* and publish it in the community page on Leo Finance by using the right tag, then go to Twitter and spread the word!

Pretty easy if you ask me! Go make a Leo post!

Add-on: If you manage to make at least 7 high quality posts, one per community, before July 31st, leave a comment here letting us know and you will receive a very pleasant surprise!

All the liquid rewards from this post will be used to fund the HiveFest ticket contests organized by @blocktrades, so spare a vote or reblog!

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