Introducing LeoFi | Decentralized Leasing Marketplace for LEO POWER

If you go back several months in time, then you'll see our early talk about LeoFi. As we first began our research into LeoFinance's…

How Will CUB Hodlers Be Able to Participate in CUB IDOs?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this clip from yesterday's live AMA, a community member asks for a simple explan

LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #2

In This Week's Update: CubFinance: BNB Dividend API Fixes IDO Release Schedule Update IDO #1 Details LeoFinance:…

Ask LEO - What's good on Solana?

The Solana eco-system is one that I have never delved into. It has always been nagging away at me that I should learn something about it…

Kingdoms UI Update | Data Displays, API Improvements and CUB IDO FAQ

We've got an incredibly long list of developments rolling out in the DeFi space. The existing UI has gotten over a dozen improvements…

Voting upon weekly dividends - 3rdvote

Written by @alexvan Voting upon weekly dividends Dear LBI holders, another 3 months have passed since we had our last vote on the…

Trivago integration for travala confirmed!

Today has been a huge day for travala, which as you may know is one of my favorite crypto-projects and biggest bags I hold. I don't like…

Unlike Nigeria, Argentina plans to fight fiat inflation by accepting crypto

In an unexpected plot twist, a lawmaker for the government doesn't blame cryptocurrencies for the poor performance of their fiat. It comes…

Glimpse airdrop!

There's a new platform called Glimpse I just discovered, doing some interesting airdrops and bounties that you may want to give a try:…

How to get Started with Staking on Polygon (Matic) - Tutorial

I transferred some funds out of Binance Smart Chain and onto Polygon yesterday. I did this for two reasons really - firstly I was…

Introducing CUB Staking Kingdom | Autonomous BNB Rewards and Autocompounding

It's time to unveil the bread and butter of this Kingdoms migration. The CUB Staking Kingdom is now live! Many have stuck with Cub…

Pandora's Box: Central Banking Nightmare.

Here, take this box, but don't open it!

Kingdoms Soft Launch, New Tokenomics & New UI | CUB x LeoFinance AMA in 12 Hours

We started doing weekly AMAs each Friday at 12 PM (Noon) EST. In about 12 hours, we'll host our next AMA and share some news about all of…

Create Your Own Fractional Reserve Bank with aave

I realized after I finished recording that this is how fractional reserve banking works. With DeFi you can become your own fractional…

Gridcoin is the Crypto that Could Help Make all Your Sci-Fi Dreams Come True*

Why Care About Gridcoin Investing and Supporting Science Research? Whether it's short or long term as an investor you're interested in…

LeoFinance UI Update | Kingdoms, CUB, Marketing and Communication

We've had a crazy 5-6 weeks of development surrounding CUB, LeoFinance and LeoBridge. There is a disconnect that has been brought up in…

Cub Finance Audit is Live | $20m TVL, Kingdoms Update and LeoBridge

The entire DeFi and Binance Smart Chain space has been skyrocketing. When we first started thinking about and buidling CUB, we realized…

Announcing the launch of CineTV

Announcing CineTV. The hive ecosystem's very own film and TV project. Brought to you by Hive Engine's favourite BRO's, The Man Cave…

Introducing DEC Farming on Cub Finance | Changes to Dens/Farms, 24 Hours Left for Wrapping CUB

This week is going to be massive for Cub and LeoFinance. We've got a wide range of updates, AMAs, interviews and more lined up all week.…

The First Ever Cross-Chain Hybrid Claimdrop | Completely Redesigned and CUB Drop is Now Live!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay on this claim drop. It was intended to go out Monday morning and then we pushed it back 24 hours. Then…