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It's always a joy to see people finally break out of their 9-5 jobs through Crypto, and it's amazing to think that making a living off of the internet is quickly becoming a much more viable option than wageslaving for someone else.

Hope this hustle is enough to pay the bills for you. It isn't for me, but money isn't my concern. I like sharing my thoughts on cryptocurrencies and HIVE makes that a much more rewarding experience for me :P

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts

So far so good, the hustle is paying the bills because USD weighs much more than my local currency, so little USD means big significant money where I am.

I am not relenting though, a thousand bucks a week is the ultimate goal.

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That's great to hear! I noticed people from third-world countries fare a lot better on Hive. The USD has a lot of purchasing power overseas.

My goal is moreso geared towards passive income. I'd like to score at least $1000 per month, and DeFi paves the road towards achieving that.

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