So many choices! WLEO, LEO, PLEO, GEYSER, KINGDOMS, Farming Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!

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Recently I have been thinking about the best way to support the Leofinance/Cub community and when I say that I mean where is the best place to stake my crypto? Now a skeptic might say I am just looking for the best yield but after doing this for a few months and seeing several rug pulls ("it was a bank run!"), I see that the Leofinance community is amazing and filled with caring people. This is a huge asset and what makes me not always go for the highest apr farm.

As a relative noob though, (as @scaredycatguide calls me), I am really twisted over how best to stake my cub, leo etc.

First the Geyser reward for Eth-Wleo is exciting when you get that big airdrop. Next, the native leo is awesome because of the curation rewards that seem to magically arrive in my wallet, as well as the good vibes I feel when my vote gives others in the community a boost.

Then there is the new cub kingdom which is awesome and I love to stack @cub in there as a moonbag. I have heard predictions cub could go to $50 or at least perhaps to $20. That would be amazing!

Also, the cub-busd pool has that nice high apr and since it is a pair that has a stable coin I like the security.

The other kingdoms are tempting too!

So...then the other day, I am listening to @financeleo, @nealmcspadden and @scaredycatguide on the AMA and now I hear about a bridge to MATIC and PLEO! So, WLEO, LEO, BLEO, and PLEO!!! Plus I am sure Kingdoms involving MATIC too!!!

For a "noob" like me, it makes the decision interesting to say the least!

Despite the many options, I have done my best to choose what I think are the right places for right now.

I will gladly accept any thoughts or advice any of you have regarding this fun and exciting conundrum!

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