BEE Hive Engine token crashes over 90%

Looks like a combination of @harpagon and @roger.remix selling dumped the price over 90%. @harpagon being the main dev behind Hive Engine…

What does it take to get on Blurt trending?

Not much it seems, as little as 5 votes will get you on trending. ![image.png](

Only 7 more days of UniSwap funded pools

Did you participate? I provided liquidity since day one, and it has proved to do pretty well. I have been funding the ETH-USDC pool.…

New KOIN GPU? farm popped up, mining 32K KOIN/hour

Another unusually large mining farm discovered mining KOIN. Each transaction is pulling in ~32K or more KOIN every hour.…

New KOIN token on UniSwap confusing users w/ KOINOS

Careful if you are attempting to swap KOIN on UniSwap as there is now another project under the same name KOIN that represents…

Rogue miner develops GPU miner for KOIN. Project reboot?

*"It has come to our attention that someone has most likely developed a GPU miner. We are now shifting our attention 100% to developing a…

How to yield farm UNI

As you saw with the UNI Airdrop, UNI tokens have some value. As I mentioned in a previous post, a large portion of UNI holders have not…

Where is UniSwap heading?

UniSwap has been taking the crypto industry by storm. In fact, UniSwap has just overtaken Coinbase in volume. Decentralized exchanges

Want to know how to check your DeFi profitability?

There are a few good sites to get a better insight of your DeFi positions, but I find this one has the information presented in a better…

Easiest way to earn crypto

If you haven't switched to Brave browser, what are you waiting for? Brave is faster and more secure than Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. You…

UNI airdrop valued at $560,000

UNISwap recently dropped 400+ tokens to all users who used UniSwap before September 1st. These tokens were worth between $1,200 to over…

Swapped my UNI tokens

As you probably have heard by now, UniSwap did an airdrop to all users of UniSwap that did a swap prior to September 1st. The airdrop was…

Did you sell your UNI tokens?

If you were lucky enough to see this when you logged into UniSwap yesterday, you just received a free $1400 USD gift. Judging by the…

If you participated in UniSwap, you may have over $1,200 worth of UNI in your account

I just logged into my UniSwap account and saw I had 400 UNI available to claim. The current price is $2.65 but it was over $3.60…
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