Let's go grab some more bananas!!!

Banana! Banana! Well, you've all heard the dialogue from the "Despicable Me" movie, right? I'm sure you've seen the movie, but if you…

CineTv writing contest

CineTv writing contest After the huge success of the CineTv splinterlands tournament, we decided it would be nice to hold a writing…

When Market Collapse!

When I woke up at 9 a.m., as usual, I pulled out my phone to open the Binance app, and holy sh*t!! It was absolutely red. Yes, this is the…

Be aware of the scammers!!!

Yesterday at night, unexpectedly, a guy sent me a message on discord and asked me if I was free. I was surprised as his identity was…

Cub Finance: I am a Farmer Now!!!

Cub Finance is the latest hype on Hive!!! I am now feeling the hit of Cub Finance. Last night I was thinking about whether I should go…
6 mo

Rabona: Some updates of my team[Furious Knight FC]

It's been quite a long time; I haven't shared anything about my football team Furious Knight FC on Rabona.io. This post is actually a…

Marketing strategy: How do you sell your products??

Pexels.com _In this era, marketing strategy is very important for branding any company & its products. Every company has its own…

Influencer Marketing VS Content Marketing

Influence Marketing Influence marketing is a marketing strategy that boosts your business & gives an organic reach to your audience.…

Top 5 Bangladeshi VPS Hosting Providers in 2021

As Bangladesh moves forward exploring the new scapes of the Internet era, having an interactive website becomes a commodity for almost…

Market circulation & Trading!!!

Hello folks, I hope everyone is having a great time. I was a little busy, that's why I haven't written anything for a while. Last…

Furious Knight's first achievement on Rabona.io: Champion of league-2

Hello, all the football lovers, take my humble greetings; I hope you all are doing well. You all may know about the new football game…
10 mo

Hive can rise again!

Hive can rise again! Are we in the right way??? Hive price is going down to dust. Before the HF, it was around 1300 satoshi in…

No, There is no Black Swan Event in the Horizon!

Black Swan A Black Swan event is very rare and unpredictable statistical indicent. As a natural scientist, mostly of us agree and can…
10 mo

Furious Knight: Better luck next time!

Furious Knight: Better luck next time! Hello peeps, I hope you all are having a great time wherever you are at home or outside. A…
10 mo

Being a Numismatist /not being a Numismatist!

This morning when I was re-organizing my room, suddenly I found a small box with lots of coins. I have been collecting all these coins for…
11 mo

Piggybank Theory

Piggybank theory, you all might be thinking what this piggy bank theory is?? This is a small personal bank where you put a small amount of…
11 mo

Rabona.io: Furious Knight, my dream team!

A week ago, I purchased a starter pack at $5 as there was a 50% discount. Whether it's football or cricket, I love both the games. First…

BDCommunity Presents: Last Bell of Montezuma!! [Writing Contest- 100 Hive in Prizes][Final Week]

All good things must come to an end! With that, begins the prelude to the last week of our contests. *The final bell chimed only when the

[দাম বাড়বি কি না বল!!][হাইভ নিয়ে যত বিরম্বনা(Much Brawl with Hive)]

Welcome to the Hive news bulletin. First of all, we will start with breaking news! As the Hive's price dropped, the wife has beaten her…

Some memoir never settled

The region where Amir is living now this wasn't like this 30 years back. This whole area was nothing but a jungle. Around then, land costs…