What should happen with the HIVE and HE tokens this accounts earns?

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Many have asked, what are your plans for POB, Hive and other hive engine tokens this account earns?

Honestly, I don't know yet.

Personally, I am ok with selling hive, to buy leo and keep it for future use (e.g. exchange listings). After all, if leo succeeds, hive will succeed as well. As for hive power, I was thinking to keep it powered up and never touch it.

My thoughts on HE tokens though are different.. It feels like bad manners to sell POB or any other HE token for the growth of LEO. Maybe I should donate those tokens to their respecive development funds, like the one POB has? Send to null? Or just dump them and buy LEO anyways?

What are your thoughts my fellow lions and lionesses?

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