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Yay… I remember the big event and all the sticks you were searching. So great to see you made it 😎🤩 Must have been amazinggggg! @ganjafarmer
You look happy there.

Been good, moved the first week of September temporary to another rental. So was rather busy with that and missed some days here. Before that I was sick for almost 4 weeks, flu/ bad cold/ covid… that knocked me down fully, luckily that’s all done now.
Now back here an having fun. Still organising a bit in the new rental. Won’t unpack all, as we will move soon again hahaha 🤣 a never ending story.
Friday we fly to the US for a 2 week holiday in New England area 😎😊 soooo looking forward to that. First far away ine since the pandemic.

Thank you so much 😎 I missed your post about the event, will check it out now. Sorry about that.
Have an awesome rest of the week.
Give puppy dog a hug from me 🤗🤗

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