A Lesson on DEFI security for DEFI players

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How much do you selfvote?

Cub, CUB , cubs, cubs... CUBS everywhere. Every second post. I'm starting to get tired of this. Lets talk about curation for a little…

CUB UI for a little more DeFi

For the first time I think in about a year, my daughter is spending the night away with her grandparents, so my wife and I can get up to…
@crystalhuman/cubdefi-com-community-pooled-new-users-only-giveaway - Community-Pooled - New-Users-Only-Giveaway!

Hi! It's been a bit since my last post but I've been pretty busy learning new tricks. One of the latest ones is how to turn my money…

What Hive Is Missing: The App To Bring In The Users

Everyone wants to focus upon different blockchains. Around here, we talk about Hive and all that it offers. Let me ask you a question:…

Project Clarion

[Dan Larimer’s newest project is another attempt at decentralized social media](

New LeoFi Products, Snapshot Announcement, CUB Tokens and BEP20 LEO

The time has finally come.. well a time has finally come. As many of you know, multiple branches of the LeoFinance project are…

Splash - Airdrop for Blurt and Whaleshares Hodlers

Here's something coming soon that may interest those of you that hold a stake of Blurt and Whaleshares: You can learn more about…

WLEO LPs Earned $20k From Geyser #3 | Announcing Two Major DeFi Products for Q1

Well this is an oddly timed post. So many developments and not enough time, so we're swinging where we can and working strange hours. I…

This Hiver Was Briefly #1 On The LeoDex Richlist 🤑 Introducing LOTUSM 🧘‍♂️ A Holistic Miner

One of my favorite tribe's, the Natural Medicine Community, has just released their LOTUS miner, the LOTUSM token, and I was briefly the…

Is it too late to invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been making such huge gains in price since the halving in May 2020, and particularly since December, that we might be…

HCS tool update - View your past 30 days post +comments count ( including stats from various frontends ) + Engagement Project data

Good morning to everyone , hope you all are doing well . Last week I released a tool through which you could see how many posts /…

Commenting has become more interesting on Hive

For a lot of people on the hive blockchain, writing posts with more than 4

Hive, a factor that balances inequality between men and women in less developed countries.

In most Latin American and African countries poverty is a common factor among their respective populations, basically an effect of…

What will you buy if HIVE moons? HBD of course!!


Mastering the Monkey Mind in Trading

Trading is slowly becoming the most attractive career choice of our age. Back in the time, it was impossible for "regular folks" to buy…

Life is a game and it's up to us to enjoy it or not - 101.2% taxes in DCity

Spring has finally started, here in Portugal. The rain stopped somewhere during the night/ early morning, birds are singing, butterflies…

The Day of the Doge - Mars, here we come!

Yesterday, while taking a look at my Exodus wallet, a desktop crypto wallet that I mainly toy around with every now and then, I noted the…

Changing my delegation while practicing patience

Just a little heads up, to let you all know that I ( @littlehyper.leo ) can't give the

Pimp My City #3 🌁 @RiverFlows 🌆 Xzibit Goes Down Under 🦘

@JustinParke and Xzibit here once again, and we chose the lovely @RiverFlows for a Pimp My City 🌁 2021 Edition 🎅. 🎁 A…