RE: What will you buy if HIVE moons? HBD of course!!

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It's probably what I like to call it, the most "unstable" of every single stable coin there is out there...

This made me laugh.

Man, this is an interesting read. I couldn't help but notice that the HBD to HIVE swap is getting less and less interesting as of late. I'm kind of trigger-happy. Click a little too often in my Hive wallet and had the tendency to convert HBD to Hive as soon as it was over 1 USD. I felt hesitant to do so now, as the Hive price has risen quite a lot.

This is just what I needed to read. I hope I manage to let my HBD grow though. Up till now, I haven't managed to do so but I'm gonna think twice now before I sell or exchange it for Hive.

Thanks mate! :<)

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