BIG UPDATES for CUB Finance and the #CubContest!

17 days ago
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CubFinance is only 16 days old, yet already has a list of accomplishments. Let's look at some of the highlights so far:

  1. Total Value Locked (TVL) as high as $13 Million (currently fluctuating around $11.5 million)
  2. Over 10% of supply burnt
  3. Inflation reduced twice to the current 1 CUB/block reward

Over the past couple of days the price has fluctuated between $2.50-$3. The APR for CUB staked in the DEN is 139% and much higher for liquidity pools. If this price action & APR were to hold steady, this would make for a killer return much higher than you'd see in a traditional bank account.

I think before this last reduction in block rewards a lot of people expected a price crash and huge sell off. Well that didn't happen and now a majority of CUB is held by diamond handed Cubeans. This is a long-term project and those early users only chasing high APR's have abandoned ship. Now, we should see a steady growth in price but also consistent returns.

Two big updates to the Cub Finance Roadmap were made today. These are additional projects that are going to be released along with LeoBridge (which we are all waiting so patiently for). Let's take a look at the updates:

  1. CUB Kingdoms
    The first update was CUB Kingdoms, which is an auto-compounding feature for LP holders. What this feature will do is collect the CUB generated by staking and automatically convert it into more LP tokens. As someone who is staked in the liquidity pools, this feature would save a lot of time and resources. I can just leave my CUB staked and not have to continually claim my rewards and deposit additional liquidity. It will cost a measly 5% management fee that is sent to the treasury for CUB burns. If you think about it, the 5% fee would just take the place of the BNB you'd spend on gas yet will contribute to CUB.

  2. CUB Staking & Governance
    The second update is a CUB Staking pool and governance system, similar to Curve.FI where you would stake your CUB as "LCUB". Owning LCUB results in the LP rewards being amplified and also introduces a governance voting system. Stake holders will get a say in the fee structures, Farm APR Multipliers, Addition of New Farms, Removal of Existing Farm. On top of increased rewards and voting rights, this encourages users to HODL CUB which allows the price to grow.

Stack LeoBridge with these two future updates and we can expect to see a surge in CUB value. Once word spreads of CUB you better be prepared to HODL and protect your CUB.

CUB Contest
@crystalhuman just launched a #Cubcontest that you can check out here: the top 5 winners will receive some LEO & HIVE rewards.

I hope you enjoy my meme at the top of the article. I instantly thought of ET and it was perfect, I couldn't stop laughing. Everybody is gonna want some CUB but there isn't enough to go around.

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