RE: SPS Flywheel and How to Get There

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Create a "Flash Sale" page in the store where you will periodically put select Gladiator cards up for sale...using DEC of course.
The team has slowly been eroding the barriers between brawl/ranked play by allowing players to get Merits in chests and giving ranked legal monsters Bloodlust. they are niche so exist in a bubble:

  • No market impact (they are soul-bound)
  • No impact on ranked meta (can only be played in brawls)

It would of course effect the Brawl meta. but not really in a bad way. Say you put Quora up 20USD RF and 40USD GF. it really benefits everyone. Worst case, you even the odds with "that" guy lol. Team wants more people involved in brawls and in my mind one of the biggest contributors to success in brawls is the possession of a potent Gladiator.

This would expand access to brawl success for smaller guilds both in size of guild and bags. success allows for growth which allows for advancement (using DEC).

This would also allow the team to introduce new Gladiators over time.

Create a Flash Sale for a limited time and then pull them...with no promise to ever bring them back...

If there are any "Brawls are holy" folks out least i didn't hit you with "Splinterlands second Neutral Summoner is a Gladiator that gives your whole team bloodlust" put that up for 100k DEC..i'd buy a few :P

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