LUNA-UST shitshow // You should probably avoid buying the dip

Ive been looking into the shitshow that is LUNA and Ive had a few people asking me about buying the dip. First of all I have to say that…

HBD-USDC liquidity pool is a big deal // But...

As someone that found himself in a position having to turn large amounts of HBD into Euros for the proposals I had, I can say that one of…

Hive house 🏘️ // Building my home from crypto profits

I have officially started building my house that ill be living in once its done. Ever since I moved out from home Ive be

Project SEED x Belemo; collaboration announcement

Yay! Good Friday evening everyone :) you can't imagine how happy I'm to share this news! Starting today, long-term hivian @belemo…

My Mene 24K gold rings arrived today! // Customs crooks

It took aprox. 4 months but the rings are finally here. Its been a long road for them. Since Mene doesnt ship to C

Going Ape with 50 bananas and a badly trained gorilla

Introduction If you have not been part of the Ape Mining club it is a very passive kind of game made by @themarkymark where you add Ape…

The PolyCUB Audit From CertiK is Complete! | Next Steps Before Launch

▶️ Watch on 3Speak The CertiK audit for PolyCub is finally completed! W

Marketing Update 37 // Hive Press Kit

Just wanted to update you on the work being done currently. I was looking at our presently available materials for Hive direct marketing…

Signing up for Hive is more difficult than it should be

I ran into a tweet by @lordbutterfly that touched on a sensitive issue that he has talked about on numerous occasions. He highlighted the…

My first "shipment" of silver came and stuffs

I bought 6, one ounce, .999 fine silver coins (31 grams) from @goldrooster. 2 came today, other 4 will come soon as w

Marketing Update 36 // Youtube and CryptoNews article

I wanted to update everyone on the marketing work being done currently by me. Just to mention here that the first payment for the film…

Web 3.0 Conference Podcasting and Podping on Hive by Brianoflondon

▶️ Watch on 3Speak I was given the chance to present at the recent

Getting into precious metals a bit // MENE wedding bands //

Ive always had a fascination with gold and precious metals but frankly, could never justify spending money on it. I got married 2 years…

Frontends need to do more to improve the User experience.

This is something I have talked about in the past a lot. And really, very little has changed in the last 3-4 years Ive been using Hive…

Call To Vote // Hive Documentary proposal

I dont ever do this, but since there is only 2 more days until the payout starts for the Documentary proposal I will be "annoying" and…
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Are New Accounts Created From Splinterlands Powering Up? | Data On Hive Power, Number Of Accounts, Top Accounts

In the last year Splinterlands has created more then 700k Hive accounts! With such a massive number of accounts created how many of them…

Marketing Update 34

I just wanted to do a quick update post on whats going on with marketing. Most recently my focus was on getting the @hivefolks NFT…

Who Are These HiveFolks?

NFTs are really getting their foothold on Hive. The projects here are pretty neat! First, I FOMO'd into @hivepunks , and most recently…

My mom is a HiveFolks NFT....

@snook is my mom, and she has been so for my whole life, long before I invited her to check out this crazy blockchain social media web3…

nabbed me an @acidyo - grab your Hive Folks NFTs on DLUX now!

Pretty cool new project @hivefolks from @lordbutterfly and the Dlux team. I just had to grab one as I can't resist a generative NFT…