dCrops Beta Edition is Almost Here

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Farmer's Paradise

The Beta edition of dCrops NFTs is just around the corner, and it looks like the game is primed for a hot summer. There's a lot of excitement about everything in the works right now, which is reflected on the market value of pretty much all Alpha edition NFTs. I've been monitoring the situation on a daily basis and it looks like the game is starting to pick up more and more active players.

Thankfully, I went on a shopping spree last month and filled my bags with relatively cheap Alphas, with the aim of maximizing output for all plots of land across all seasons.

Source: dcrops.com

It worked like a charm and I've already earned a small part of the HIVE spent on those purchases through CROP rewards, not to mention the fact that I might get significant resale value on my dCrops Alpha NFTs. Can't wait to see the new implementations add significant value to my collection.

Beta Edition Presale

This is your chance to grow the best crops and craft buildings and equipment that will take your farming game to the next level. If you're looking for the already known details, you can check the official dCrops Beta Edition Info and Pre-Sale announcement.

The total number of BETA edition packs that will ever be in existence is 300,000. 10,000 of those will be reserved for events, giveaways or rewards. Each pack will contain 3 random cards of which one of them is guaranteed to be Rare or better. There are more than 50 unique cards in this set.

Source: dCrops

If you're too lazy to read the official announcement, fear none, I got you. Here's what you need to keep in mind:

  • Presale starts on July 25
  • Each Beta pack costs $3
  • You can pay with HIVE, SWAP.HIVE, HBD, SWAP.BUSD and CROP
  • Presale will last for 30 days maximum, or until 100k packs have been sold
  • Presale packs will be sold at a 10% discount, 15% if CROP tokens are used
  • All presale packs will be eligible for a limited-edition promo card
  • Bonus packs included for bulk purchases
  • Each unopened Beta pack adds 2k CROP Power to your stack
  • Top 3 presale buyers will be offered a chance to contribute to the design of 1 NPC character each

Plans and Thoughts

Honestly, I haven't decided how much I'm going to invest in Beta edition packs and NFTs, but I'm sure I will be pouring funds in the market once again.

My goal is to acquire as many Beta packs as possible during the presale, but I won't be opening any of them this time around. After studying the new NFTs thoroughly, I will just buy the ones I need directly from the market and look to make the most of my unopened packs' CROP Power.

What about you?

The good thing is that the Beta edition comes at a time when the market is starting to show signs of relative strength, with some of the best alt projects demonstrating massive growth, and BTC and ETH scoring 20% and 50% gains respectively over the last seven days. Timing is a hell of a thing and it looks like we've got it.


Did you notice? Alien Worlds Official just showed love on Twitter:

alienworlds dcrops.jpg

Let's kill this retweet with support. We have a vibrant community that can make some serious noise out there, and we deserve every bit of attention we get. Let's get to it!

Final thoughts

If you have been following my blogging ramblings here, then you already know that I have a thing for #Play2Earn games, and that dCrops is by far my favourite one. I've been playing the game since the early days, and it's great to see the way it is evolving; the progress being made makes me think that investing in Alpha packs and NFTs was the right decision.

Failure or success, bear or bull market, one thing is certain: I will be right here planting seeds and harvesting crops no matter what.

What about you?

Join the fun

Haven't tried dCrops yet? You can sign up using my referral link - it's mandatory! xD

Want to stay tuned with the latest developments? Follow the game's official blog on the Hive blockchain.

Looking for more info? Join the game's official discord server.

Never forget!


I'm just a random guy with opinions. This is by no means financial advice. Just my personal thoughts and experiences.

Have a good one everyone!

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Thanks for this update from the dCrops frontl... eeer: farmline, @lordneroo! :-)

I had found out about the game around 3 months after the Alpha packs sale, so hadn't dived in at that time. It's possible I'll change my mind in this opportunity.

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Thank you for passing by and reading :)

Hope you get the chance to grab some packs and join the farm life!


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Interesting. I’m too broke to afford these interesting things

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Keep the grind going brother!

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Totally missed this :O

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No, you didn't! ;))


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