RE: Crypto Is Not A One-Man Show

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Well i'm sorry in advance because my reply may make your day worse.

That's completely inaccurate. My day is amazing, and anyone's reply to my post could never have any effect on my mood.

Many of you all come in here to this space. You don't bring any significant value.

That's just your personal opinion and I totally respect it. However, I think you're overgeneralizing, and thus, I completely disagree.

Why don't you all stop this nonsense and focus on real projects that people are going to use.

You're overgeneralizing again. What makes you think all of us aren't doing what you described at all? You know little to nothing about anyone in here.

The valuable good products are out there. You all miss them because all you care about is this glorified casino.

Again. Are you spying on every single one of us or something? :D

Thank you for your valuable input.

Have a good day!

!LUV 1

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