My first purchase of CubDefi tokens thanks to a small but nice trade from NFTART Tokens

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And that's when it happened... Through a small but nice trade on Pancakeswap with the token NFTArtFinance I was able to pick up almost 50 US dollars in profit. I went in with 0.5 BNB on the NftArtFinance trade and got out with about 0.8 BNB. I took this profit and got some CubDefi tokens. In total I bought 15 CubDefi tokens. 2 CubDefi I had received from the airdrop. I have already earned a few CUB - I'm curious how quickly I can increase my stake in CubDefi to 100. My goal is to create a long term investment that will give me some good profits every month.

Right now it's all looking very good - No bank in the world can give me 119% on my investment... wow.


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