Through the canals of Bangkok - My unforgettable boat trip along the river channels (37 Images)

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When I arrived in Bangkok, I immediately knew that I wanted to explore the city in a very special way. Off the beaten track and the busy streets, I decided to take a boat trip along the river canals. Without question one of the best decisions of my trip.

20221208-DSC08782.jpg a destroyed house in the water

20221208-DSC08742.jpg longtail-boat driver with heavy engine

20221208-DSC08743.jpg longtail-boat driver have fun

20221208-DSC08759.jpg old man in front of his house

20221208-DSC08769.jpg two mans sitting on a concrete block and preparing fishing stuff

Without a private boat trip through the small side channels of the river, I would never have had the chance to discover the hidden treasures of Bangkok. So I set off and found myself in a traditional longtail boat, ready to immerse myself in the world of the locals.

20221208-DSC08747.jpg a house is submerged in the water

20221208-DSC08748.jpg a house in the water

20221208-DSC08762.jpg a man sitting on a wall next to a river and fishing

20221208-DSC08777.jpg a river with houses and buildings on it

20221208-DSC08776.jpg a woman is standing on a dock with a boat

The boat trip began at the edge of the imposing Chao Phraya River, where the hustle and bustle of the city ends at the locks and the quiet, yet equally fascinating world of the river channels begins. With an experienced driver at the helm, we gently glided into these hidden lifelines of the city. Once there, I immediately realised that I would get a unique insight into the lives of real Thais.

20221208-DSC08968.jpg a wierd construction on the river

20221208-DSC08877.jpg kind a shop next to the water

20221208-DSC08885.jpg an old abandoned building

20221208-DSC08888.jpg thai people living

20221208-DSC08889.jpg young thai smoking and phones

20221208-DSC08891.jpg young thai in front of house smiling

20221208-DSC08894.jpg smashed down house in the river


As I moved through the canals, I could observe how people really live here. The scenery ranged from run-down, time-worn buildings that seemed to be sinking into the river to charming houses that were literally right on the water's edge. It was as if the people here lived in perfect harmony with the water, and I couldn't help but admire their adaptability.

20221208-DSC08898.jpg thais hang out the rubbish to be collected from water-side

20221208-DSC08909.jpg young thai in water repairs something

20221208-DSC08918.jpg young thai with fishing equipment

During our leisurely ride, I was able to witness the daily life of the locals. Some of them used the not really clear water of the river for their daily personal hygiene, while others unpacked their fishing gear to pull fresh fish out of the river. It was impressive to see how they synchronised themselves with the rhythms of the water and enjoyed their life on the riverbank.

20221208-DSC08927.jpg thai people next to the water chillin

20221208-DSC08920.jpg an old thai friendly waving and smoking

What made this boat trip really special was the closeness I had to the locals. It was not a typical tourist attraction, but a real opportunity to connect with the people and hear their stories. I could feel how proud they were of their lives, despite the often humble living conditions. Their respect for nature and their love for water were inspiring.

20221208-DSC08929.jpg constructors working on the water


20221208-DSC08943.jpg and old thai men cruising with his boat on the river

The boat trip through the river canals of Bangkok was not only a journey into the hearts of real Thais, but also a journey into the history and culture of this fascinating city. Along the canals, I came across historic temples and palaces majestically enthroned on the banks. These sacred sites were a testament to the deep spiritual connection rooted in Thai culture.

20221208-DSC08951.jpg two cute dogs taking a bath in the river

20221208-DSC08953.jpg two cute dogs taking a bath in the river


20221208-DSC08965.jpg our longtailboat-driver

20221208-DSC08958.jpg our longtailboat-driver

20221208-IMG_20221208_134836.jpg my bro and our tour-guide we booked for 2 days

20221208-DSC08960.jpg our longtailboat-driver

20221208-IMG_20221208_134042.jpg ordering beer from a water merchant by boat.

20221208-IMG_20221208_134054_1.jpg enjoying the boat cruise with our new friends from bangkok and the united states.



Overall, my boat trip along the river channels of Bangkok was an unforgettable experience that changed my view of the city forever. It not only gave me an insight into the authentic life of the Thais, but also deepened my respect for their way of life. Bangkok may be known for its hustle and bustle and modernity, but hidden in the river channels is a world that is just as exciting and impressive. It was a journey that took me into the hearts of real Thais and I will remember it forever.