Dcity Helper #11 making a 100 Hive starter city for @roelandp with 301% APR

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It has been way too long since i last made a Dcity Helper post. Real Life has been very demanding these past few weeks, but the amount of work that got dumped on my plate has shrunk to manageable proportions and it's time to start this series up again.

In this post i will try to catch two birds with one stone.

I wanted to make a post for some time where i show what a small investment of 100 Hive can do for you in Dcity. Also i would like to see more Hive whales playing Dcity, so today i will make a 100 Hive starter city for fellow Dutchie and Hive Elder @roelandp.

For a starter city i recommend to focus on maximizing SIM income and disregard Education and Creativity for the time being.

So we will be looking for income cards with the best price per SIM earned. At the moment these are the market prices for the cards i'll be focusing on.

Restaurant: 5.34 Hive for 10 SIM income or 0.534 Hive per SIM.
Weed dispensary: 5.74 Hive for 10 SIM income or 0.574 Hive per SIM.
Shopping Mall: 8.37 Hive for 15 SIM income or 0.558 Hive per SIM.
Gym: 2.88 Hive for 5 SIM income or 0.576 Hive per SIM.
Ad agency: 4.78 Hive for 9 SIM income or 0.531 Hive per SIM.
Airport: 11.49 Hive for 20 SIM income or 0.574 Hive per SIM.

So it seems at this moment, the best choice is to invest in Ad Agency's. They have the added benefit of creativity, so although we were not looking to invest in creativity, we're happy to take any creativity points as a free bonus.

This is what @roelandp's city looks like now.


Just goes to show that being a whale is relative.

Lets start with adding 15 Ad Agency's, this will swallow up the majority of the 100 Hive, 15 x 4.78 = 71.7 Hive

Ofcourse we will need some population to provide workers for the Ad Agency's, so we'll buy 4 apartments, which are 4.75 Hive on the market today, draining another 19 Hive from our 100 Hive investment fund.

So far we have invested 90.7 Hive and this is how the city looks now.


To get as close to the 100 euro target, without adding any new population buildings, i will add forests, which are 2.41 Hive on the market now and bring 4 SIM daily each.

Right now, the total investment is 100.34 Hive and it's time to look at the final city and calculate the ROI.


We are looking at a pretty balanced city, there is one unemployed worker and the daily SIM income is 166 SIM or 0.83 Hive. This comes down to 302.95 Hive per year or a whopping 301% APR.

This starter city example clearly shows you don't need deep pockets in order to create a profitable city. And that's not including the fun you'll have playing the game.

I'd like to thank @onealfa , @rollandthomas , @thegoliath , @ecoinstant , @jrcornel , @trumpman and everybody else who supported my earlier Dcity Helper posts and i hope you'll keep doing so now i started the series up again. Your votes matter and help me give away more cards on each new Dcity Helper post!

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