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Hey guys! Have you ever noticed that something you thinking and you get exact ad in your mobile? We all facing this situation. Actually There are experts working behind ad algorithm who keep tracking you.

It is show you ads according to your interest so there is 99% chances of sale. Data is very important thing that they have and every social media store your data and in other words, you can say that they are monetizing your data.

Even you speak something or search something in google search, algorithm got you and show you ads according to your interest.


So let me share little info about algorithm. Let's say i want to do voice call to someone. So the actions that i have to is automatically set in algorithm and defined this by coding. So that is called algorithm.

Social media like facebook, whatsapp, instagram and tiktok are collect your data and use that data for advertisement and they will generate income with different way. Even goverment can ask for this data from these platforms for election voting.

You know many playstore application ask your permission to access your gallery, contacts, location and more thing so this way you are also sharing data.

Loan company using this for loan recovery and they call your contacts and ask for payment and say abusive words against you.

So social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp or any other plaform is not a free because in return you are giving your data to them.

Because of these problems people want best alternative and blockchain technology already have this solution. Blockchain based social media is the secure and decentralized option.

So that is it for today guys and if you want to add some value in this post then share the information or experience below in the comment section.

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