Why donating with beneficiary reward is the best?

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Hello friends i hope you are doing well. Here i have some things to share and i hope you will like it. Platforms like hive has the best feature that is beneficiary reward and i want to share some benefits of that feature.

Some people feel comfortable to donate with post reward instead of direct sending


This is look like not so serious matter but it's effective. Direct sending is difficult sometime for example, entering password and entering otp is headache for some people because of little lazziness as well as some people don't want to send directly because they feel loss something in this way. It's funny but true.

Setting beneficiary is easy and fund will go to charity which is not reflected yet in your account so it will cut from future fund. And people always like to donate with future fund and most of the people will agree on it.

That is why post reward beneficiary model will be helpful a lot for charity groups.

Post reward beneficiary is transperant and decentralized


what is i mean to say by decentralized ? The meaning is platforms like hive is decentralized So that mean your keys, your account and no one can controll your fund.

If i talk about bank accounts then bank have a right to seize your fund and ban your bank account. They are taking charges from your bank account balance without your permission. I personally lost lots of money on the name of bounce charges.

Now let's talk about transperancy. I have better example of that. 1 Year ago india's prime minister narendra modi asked money from the people for pm care funds to use it in covid epidemic. And many people did charity blindly.

But even this tough time he used this money for election campaign. And He is not giving account for that. So the problem is paper money is not transperant and where that fund used? no one knows.

That is why many countries goverment against the bitcoin and crypto.

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