Independence Day's Power Up! - July/2022 #HivePUD

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This is my entry to the July/2022 #HivePUD Day!

Independence Day's - July/2022 #HivePUD

In 4th July we have the most popular holiday in the United States, which is the 🇺🇸 Independence Day 🇺🇸! It commemorates the Declaration of Independence, declaring that the Thirteen Colonies were no longer a British subject. In broader terms, this date marks the beggining of the end of the european colonization and imperialism across the world.

But today's a day of celebration here on Hive too, as it's another 🎉 Power Up Day! 🎉

During June, according to HiveStats, I was able to earn 387.30 HP (183.89 USD) in Author Rewards and 23.95 HP (11.37 USD) in Curation Rewards, for a total of 411.25 HP in Rewards!

May/2022 was by best month on Hive, with a total of 441.48 HP. So, unfortunately, May/2022 is still my best Month yet! June/2022 comes in a close 2nd place.

Today, I'll be powering up an extra 178.358 HIVE!

Regarding my second-layer investments: I keep investing in the RisingStar Game, purchasing cards every other day with the accumulated STARBITS that I get from doing my daily missions.

According to this very convenient bot on RisingStar Discord Channel, my whole Card Collection is now worth 2737.761 Hive!

Last month my RisingStar Collection was only worth 2257.928 Hive, so it grew 479.833 Hive in just one month! That's what I can call a good result!! 💰💰💰

I also invested into Splinterlands, buying enough Collection Power to sustain myself on the Gold III League. So now I have just over 100,000 CP, and thus I can enjoy better rewards from the Chests!

I wish everyone a great July!!

Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

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Congrats on your Power Up and your growth in Rising Star value, that is super cool, Happy 4th for Monday!

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Thanks for your kind words and support!!



You are so very welcome and thank you too :)

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