Bitcoin is going parabolic - possible target - 73k

No bears are safe. Bitcoin is on the verge of breaking the upper resistance of the megaphone. This could also be a possible bull flag.…

Bitcoin - USD 238,855 to the moon

IMG SRC I was on Facebook and saw this really sarcastic post. Hahhaa.. so maybe Bitcoin is about to go to the moon. If Bitcoin does…

Same-old new PHISHING WAVES - do not fall for it!!

This morning a new PHISHING campaign started: Do NOT click on it and as general rule do not click on any suspicious giveaway and…

Bitcoin breaks out of weekly

The first week of October has been great. The legendary Uptober is here. I was checking the charts and on the weekly chart for Bitcoin, It…

Hive - explosive move

Hive price exploded to the upside overnight. I only noticed it when I was changing some Hive Backed Dollars to Hive. 3.113 HBD to 2.464…

Bitcoin is about to break out - 53k resistance

Uptober is here. The last quarter of the 2021. Five consecutive Septembers where Bitcoin ends lower than it was at the start of the month.

Possible Cup and Handle formation

Cup and Handle pattern possibility. Starting off October, Bitcoin has broken through the resistance of 43k. The next resistance lies…

Bitcoin closing above 43k

The last few hours before September ends. Bitcoin is currently fighting to push through the resistance. Sometimes, I wonder, how can these…

The FASTEST & Most AGGRESSIVE EMA Indicators For ZERO Lag Scalping Trading

First of all, this isn't my video. Just sharing a video I found on YouTube. This is an education video about DEMA & TEMA indicators. In…

Does Bitcoin go up or down?

Bitcoin is now in a wedge. The prices are tightening up and it is a crucial moment that determines the price action

Ehtereum is at an oversold level in the 1hr chart

Ethereum looks like its consolidating at the moment at a range of 2700 USD to 3100 USD. It went up to 3100 yesterday before retracing…

Introducing LeoFi | Decentralized Leasing Marketplace for LEO POWER

If you go back several months in time, then you'll see our early talk about LeoFi. As we first began our research into LeoFinance's…

Bitcoin reaching an important level

tradingview Bitcoin briefly touched 48k. Currently, it has retraced back to 46321 USD/ BTC. The next

Ethereum could be heading to 3.5K

Tradingview London hardfork has gone live. The price went up from the 2500 USD range straight up above 2.8K. However, there is…

Ethereum 3k incoming

Tradingview In another two days, the London Fork will go live. Currently, Bitcoin has been moving sideways and this is absolutely great…

Bitcoin testing key resistance at 33k

Bitcoin is currently testing the 33k resistance level which is also the resistance of the descending triangle. The 30k

Bitcoin reaching critical point

Bitcoin's price is reaching the tip of the descending triangle. Very soon there will be a strong move either upwards or downwards. It's…

It is not a good idea to sell the dip

tradingview Recently, There was another dip. I was prepared from the bearish flag pattern but I did not sell any of my position.…

Is Ethereum forming a bearish flag pattern?

tradingview After Eth broke down from the ascending wedge, it is now consolidating. Is this a possible bearish flag pattern? My biggest…

Is Bitcoin about to form a cup and handle?

tradingview The price of Bitcoin has been consolidating for almost two months. It is forming a rather odd shaped pattern at the moment.…