3 Ways To Find a Niche or Topic at LeoFinance, Part 2: List

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3 Ways To Find a Niche or Topic at LeoFinance, Part 2: List

LeoFinance is a topic-specific community, but it's surprising what kind of posts are welcome. Just make a list to see!

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TL;DR -- General Outline (Part 2)

  • About Part 1 (Definition)
  • 3 Ways To Find a Niche or Topic
  • 📑 List: Just a Starting Point for Niche or Topic Generation
    • Consider this example list:
  • A Few Points about the List Approach
  • Bottom Line for List
  • CTA
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About Part 1 (Definition)

The Definition approach to finding a niche to cover or a topic to write about at LeoFinance just starts with a definition of the term "finance".

The definition can be enough as it is for us to begin working on our posts.

If the definition itself isn't enough for us, then we need to drill down to a more specific form of finance.

Once we find a specific form of finance we feel comfortable enough to cover or write about, then we work on our content.

3 Ways To Find a Niche or Topic

If Finance is part of your background, you're done! Just engage, post, then engage some more. Also, if you see gaps in this post (or in Part 1), feel free to fill in the gaps with your suggestions in the comments.

Based on comments I've made in numerous posts, these are the 3 ways or approaches we can use to find our niche or topic:
📖 Definitional
📑 List 👈
🗺️ Intersectional

Nothing is etched in stone, and we can combine these ways to generate more niches or topics. The previous post featured the Definition approach. This time, let's discuss the List approach.

📑 List: Just a Starting Point for Niche or Topic Generation

This approach is just as the name implies.

Sometimes the list is made from scratch. Often, the list begins using the definition of "finance" given above as the basis for the list

This approach to finding a niche (or at least a topic) is very subjective and by no means complete.

The List Approach is as unique as each Leo
It works based on a list of items. How the list is generated is as varied as we are. We can think of it as a brainstorming exercise and see what we come up with.

Consider this example list:

In recent days I had made a few comments

Rather than quote each comment again (but backlinked to above for those interested in viewing the context), I combined them into this alphabetized list below:

  • @andalecocinamex in Havana, Cuba accepting payment in HIVE;
  • alternatives to traditional banking even apart from crypto;
  • barter;
  • budgeting for home or business;
  • educational (glossaries, Technical Charting 101, crypto ecosystems, etc.);
  • El Salvador 1 year after making Bitcoin legal tender cryptocurrency;
  • financial education (outside schools) for the next generation;
  • greater productivity from limited resources (such as urban gardening);
  • finding greater success at eBay or Etsy;
  • First Phase of Hive Project In Ghana Completed Successfully
  • home budgeting;
  • home economics;
  • how crypto solves a problem in Venezuela;
  • making money with stock photography-- anything which helps you or others to make your money do more;
  • how to turn a hobby into a side hustle;
  • how to travel the world for free -- this itself has spawned communities here and elsewhere;
  • how to turn a side hustle into the day job;
  • marketing-- something we should be learning as children;
  • mastering the search engine game;
  • negotiations at pawn shops;
  • person-to-person loans;
  • personal finance (mentioned in 2 comments);
  • sectors (DeFi, play-to-earn, social, etc.);
  • slice of life;
  • the crypto crackdowns in Nigeria;
  • the usual (cryptocurrencies, market analyses, metals, commodities, etc.);
  • ways to make money using not only precious metals but also base metals;

A Few Points about the List Approach

👉 Some list items came from direct mentions, but others appeared as a result of brainstorming. Geography itself plays a major role in finding niches and topics; part of that is news, part of that is where many Hivers and Leos live.

👉 A number of these list items overlap. Don't worry about that. What matters is that the list is large enough to mine for ideas for current and future topics.

👉 If it feels as if the list is inadequate because topics were actually covered, just start the list generation process again. This list is used for generating ideas, not for checking off items to be done until nothing is left.

👉 Also, the list will include items which weren't ready for earlier posts but the time has arrived. This is why it's OK for this kind of list to grow and accumulate.

Bottom Line for List

The List approach is exactly what the name implies: a list of topics. How this list gets generated is up to each of us.

Unlike to-do lists, the topic list is one where it's OK for items to accumulate. Some items may not be ready for prime time, but sooner or later they will be. Other items serve as prompts for items where we can sense the content waiting to be written.

Over time, the list may seem stale. This could be because we're taking many items off the list as we get our posts published. At this point, it's good to regenerate the list to find new niches or topics.


If you found this post useful as-is, please give it an upvote, an engagement token, or a tip (depending on when you discover it).

Regardless of when you find this post, if you found it useful as-is, please reblog it for future reference.

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The list itself in its current form? Probably not-- plagiarism.

Using the list as a starting point for your own purposes? Yes-- feel free to add to it or adjust to your own needs. When you're done with it, I won't recognize what's in there, and that's OK. It's supposed to be modified for your own needs and situation.

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