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Even if we're dealing with something as high-powered as cryptocurrency on blockchain, a good portion of what makes it possible relies on basic tools avaiable to everyone no matter what device is being used: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

That's the trio of languages usually expected of anyone working with web pages at a basic level. All are easy to learn (even using trial and error), and anyone from ages 8 to 88 can learn them.

If HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are usd together, just keep in mind that each has its role:

  • HTML is either text or references to objects (like images) marked up with tags/elements to let a web browser know what's what (a heading, a paragraph, a list, etc.); the focus of HTML is content;
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to format HTML to make the rendered page look more appealing; the focus of HTML is cosmetics;
  • JavaScript (or JS) is used to make static HTML pages more dynamic; the focus of JS is to add interactivity to rendered web pages.

HTML is the easiest of this trio to learn.

JS the most difficult (but still easy).

CSS is the trickiest (easy, but head-scratching at times).

As long as everything can be handled by the computer displaying the web page, this trio of tools is all that is needed. When access to a network server is needed, it may be necessary to use more powerful languages such as Python (or even old-school favorites such as Perl or PHP). Whatever hosting service hosting the web pages should have those and/or other programming languages availble.

Regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchains, servers will be involved for reading and writing data. HTML, CSS, and JS won't be enough, but all 3 will be used along with other languages or tools.

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