RE: Cryptocurrency: An Entirely New Wealth Class

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This may be one way cryptocurrency can be used to handle the mundane case of physical infrastructure construction and maintenance: we earn whatever crypto we earn, it goes into DeFi, it gets re-routed into a DeFi pool optimized for this activity, then DeFi does what DeFi does, and the infrastructure is financed and maintained. If this is correct, then it beats the current methods of tolls or taxation (or tolls as taxes).

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Interesting thought.

The system pays for the system, then the system pays for the maintenance, and perhaps the system pays for it's own expansion and evolution?


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The cryptocurrency would need to be an inflationary cryptocurrency for this use case to work, so that rules out both Bitcoin and Litecoin. Combine this with putting it to work in DeFi, and it could solve a much-needed need.

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