92% Ethereum Wallets Are In Profit Now Exceeding 88% BTC Profitable Wallets

14 days ago
1 Min Read
191 Words

Hello Ethereum HODLers, how are you doing? Did you survive the January 10th correction?


Joking aside, I think you are doing well despite the recent price correction as Ethereum has recorded an increase of more than 90% in the last month and 677% in a year. Many of us expected such a growth, but honestly I didn’t expect such a sudden price increase could occur in a few days.

As a result of Ethereum's value growth, 92% of the amount of ethereum wallets are today in profit according to data shown by IntoTheBlock. That's an amazing percentage and it is even higher than the amount of profitable Bitcoin addresses which is now 88% of the total number of BTC wallets.

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