Tips to increase your power in Splinterlands

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Blockchain games are one of my favorite places when it comes to investing, since in addition to obtaining income you have a good time.

I come to share some tips on how to increase your power in Splinterlands. To this day, it seems to me to be one of the most consistent, most accessible and most solid games for the future. I am very impressed with the work behind the game.

If you are thinking of getting started in Splinterlands or you have been playing it for a few weeks but have not managed to get up in the league, this article will help you.

I usually read about Splinterlands, both on Publish0x and on Twitter, there are very advanced users who provide good content based on their experience and thanks to them and my wandering with the game (I've been playing for 2 months) I have reached this conclusion.

The objective, as we well know, is to try to reach the top leagues. To move up the league you need power and this power increases when you get cards. Legendary and rare cards are some of the ones that will give us the most power. If you want your power bar to increase each season, I suggest not selling your cards at the first exchange rate.

Splinterlands is a game that you have to take with a long view. It's a great game but it requires patience, what's more, it won't do you any good to spend $ 200 on packs in the hope that you will get legendary cards. Forget about this.

An interesting method to increase our power is to acquire cards in the market, they are very cheap and will help us for very little money to increase our power. Even to win more battles.
If we manage to get cards in the seasonal chests, some of them will be repeated, we have to combine them to level them up. Don't take them to the market and sell them for $ 0.02.

I recently invested $10 to buy cards and one that is helping me a lot to win my games is the Diamond Dragon. I also gained quite a bit of power. My goal now is to reach the Silver league and I am limited by my power. I need 15,000 to go up.

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