How #Hive has helped me buy some of my favorite things,,,

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How Hive has helped me buy some of my favorite things All the things that I liked were fairly ‘I’ve been able to do something working on this platform.


Everyone chooses one way or another for income so I chose this online platform hoping to get something from here.

And I got it, I had a lot of trouble, I had a lot of problems, I was finally able to do something. I was the first to use a mobile phone with my #hive's money. The name of the mobile phone is #Vivo s1 pro


Then I bought another thing that I like is a laptop that belongs to HP company and whether it is with the money of this platform or not, it is around 30 to 35 thousand Bangladeshi rupees.


Then I bought a cow in my house. I still have the cow and in that group I bought it for 60 thousand rupees.


And bought a lot more, did a lot, fulfilled a lot of dreams that would probably never have been fulfilled if I hadn’t actually come to this platform.

I am so grateful for this #hive platform which is not only to express in language but also for many other necessary purposes. I have used the money of this platform for worldly work and I have tried to help people in many dangers with the money of this online platform.

I have also used the money of this platform for important work many times and helped many poor and helpless people as much as I could.

By the grace of Allah, I have been able to earn a good income from this platform, so as long as I live, I will continue to work on this platform because I have started my dream journey from here.

If I didn't work on one platform today, would my dreams ever be successful, so those who work on this platform must work to fulfill their dreams.

I hope you like some of my favorite things I learned from working on this platform, so you all must be well and healthy.

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I am Md. Mamun, Bangladeshi. However, due to work, I am currently living in Malaysia as an expatriate. I express my feelings through writing and share my experiences through video. But I love to sing, so I sing in my spare time. Love to make friends. Love and try to enjoy life.

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