// #SCRT TOKEN // Binance market update today √√(4-5-20)

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The market for #SCRT tokens is not going very well since this morning. I would like to fluctuate a lot since this morning. I am sharing today's current market price with you and some details.


When I saw it in the morning the market was pretty good there was a lot less so I didn’t think to buy some tokens today so without delay I flew like 15 #scrt token and bought it for 60$

But later I realized that today's market is not going to be very good because so far that amount is still falling and the market price is as high as it used to be. No problem. You can make a fairly good income.


The #SCRT token as a new token has made Binance a very good place because it is such a high rate new token that many may not have imagined.


I have shared some details with you today and if you like it, you can definitely buy the token, maybe it will be useful in the future.


I'm buying some tokens. If you haven't bought them, buy them now because no one can tell when a token will change the wheel of your fortune.

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