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Hola Splinterland Players!

I hope you all enjoying Splinterlands!!

This is your splinter fellow warrior mango-juice with another Splinterlands Battle challenge post!!

Let me start this post with the brawl update today. We, the members of the Neoxian Guild are doing amazingly amazing in the brawl matches and till now, we have won a total of 99 crowns till now. Till now we are only getting novice, bronze and silver matches. As time will pass, we will upgrade the arena and get higher tier matches.


Now talking about the battle post, last week, the battle monster was NAGA WARRIOR! Sorry I am still running late so Let us straight look into this wild 5 mana melee card from the Water realm!

The NAGA WARRIOR is really an old monster of splinterlands. This dangerous melee card belongs to the Water section and it comes with both beta and alpha edition. This is undoubtly a must-have monster and one of the most important cards in Water realm because of her high speed melee attacks with Range from the front position! A 5 mana cost monster packed with both Rage and Retaliate abilities becomes very reliable in odd situations, especially when you want a high speed devastator in your line up.

NAGA WARRIOR is super usable in varieties of matches, especially in medium mana matches. For its rage ability, whenever it got attacked by an opponent, it gets more furious with increased speed and attack and then with retaliate ability it also can deal multiple attacks. So, If you want something aggressive after your first line of defense, but with a high speed attack and further damaging enemies with Retaliate, well, then the NAGA WARRIOR can be your best friend!

Back in time, I didn't buy a max NAGA WARRIOR, instead i went after a level 4 alpha card and later missed the opportunity to upgrade it to max as alpha price went to moon. Right now I have started building the untamed death deck now, I am still missing those old-is-gold beta and promo cards. So, today, I will be sharing the battle from my alt account red-dog.

Ok so, before moving on, lt use see what s being written in the book of Splinterlore for her.


The Naga of ΛZMΛRÉ are a brutal and savage people. Many of their ways are perceived as taboo, revolting, and disturbing to outsiders, such as their custom of eating the dead. The Naga Warriors (especially the females) are known for fighting to the absolute, bitter, bloody end.




For this card in beta edition, Right now there is currently only 1 max Wolf available at the market at 37.97$ ( 0.83$/bcx, 40,643.262 DEC total). However, there are also some high-level monsters available at slightly higher prices and The single ones are available starting at 3.95$ and will cost you 4,227.764 DEC as per the current rate.

  • At almost the same rate, you can grab an alpha max one instead of the beta version.


What NAGA WARRIOR is actually capable of?


Let's have a look into his stats and find out!

  • Level 1 - In its initial level, it carries 2 melee attack with 6 health and 3 speed. It also brings Retaliate ability at the initial level with it.
  • Level 3 - At level 3, it carries 3 melee attack at 4 speed and 7 health.
  • Level 5 - At the 6th level, It possesses 4 melee attack with 8 health at 4 speed. It also gets the Enrage ability from level 4.
  • Level 6 - At the maximum level, It possesses 5 melee attack, 2 Armour with 9 health at 4 speed.

So, what do you think? It is a good choice as a front defense only at 5 mana, isn't it? Let me know in the comments below!



Melee monsters with Retaliate ability has 50% chance to attack back when get hit by a melee monster.



Has increased melee attack and speed when damaged.

Match line up



Ruleset Of Battle



  • Mana count This match holds a large 48 mana cap!

  • Summoners This battle supports Water, Earth, Life and Dragon summoners.

  • Ruleset So, It was a double rule set as below...
    • Holy Protection all the Monsters will get divine shield ability.
    • Healed out No Monsters can be healed.

It's a a gigantic high mana match this time and I am thinking to go for the legendary Water summoner Valnamore because there is plenty of mana to spend in this match match. Since the rulesets are Holy Protection and Healed out, this time I go and use some big magic monsters to attack only at the front side of enemy line up.





I chose NAGA WARRIOR in the first place because of its high speed attack + Retaliate and Enrage ability. I have a level 6 and it has 5 melee attack at 4 speed and 9 health.



I placed PRISMATIC ENERGY in the second place because of its high health, high magic attack with Void and Reflec ability. I have a level 8 and it has 3 magic attack at 5 speed and 11 health. This is Mainly to give my reach position a bit of more protection.



I chose ELVEN MYSTIC in the third place because of its decent magic attack with Silence and Affflition ability. I have a level 8 and it has 2 magic attack at 4 speed and 5 health.



I chose CAPTAIN'S GHOST in the fourth place because of its high magic attack with Oppress and Affliction ability. I have a level 8 currently and it has 4 magic attack at 2 speed and 8 health.



I chose RULER OF THE SEAS in the fifth place because of its high magic blast attack with Swift and Silence ability at only 6 mana cost. I have a level 4 and it has 4 magic attack at 3 speed and 5 health.



I chose THE KRAKEN in the last place because of its high shield + health and with Taunt, Demoralize, Enrage andRetaliate ability. I have a level 4 currently and it has 4 melee attack at 4 speed, 4 armour and 14 health.

Battle Result




Let us now take a dive into the gameplay.

Well, as it was a large mana match, I went with all big monsters this time, 4 magic attacking the first card while rest 2 melee cards are for my own protection, how is that for a strategy my friends! My opponent was having a max level Gold Dragon, Ruler of the Seas, Lord Arihanthus and some other high-level cards and his line up was great too! Let's look down to the match!



You can directly view the battle. Just click the hyperlink below.

Battle Link

First, let us follow the opponent's line-up...

  • My opponent @jhon7 used legendary Dragon summoner Selenia against me.
  • At the front position, he used Lord Arihanthus level 4.
  • At the second position, he puts Prismatic Energy lev 8.
  • At the third he used Gold Dragon lev 4.
  • At the fourth position, he puts Sea Genie level 10.
  • At the fifth position, he puts Ruler of the Seas level 4.
  • At the last position, he puts Crustacean King level 10.

As you can see from the battle link above, the opponent's line up was full with max level magic summoners. At the front, he was protecting himself with a max lord, followed by a max prismatic energy so that any magic attack would return to the attacker. At the middle he used gold dragon, Sea genie and Ruler - a heavy combo of magic throwers. AT the last he put a Crustacean king to heal the front card and also give extra shield to all the friendly monsters.

As he guessed, I also used a magic deck against him but I played a trick this time by putting the Kraken at the last position. The kraken soaked up all the attacks from the enemy monsters that were not in the front position and gave me enough time to kill his defenses one after another. The kraken got died midway about by them almost killed half his monsters because his frontal defense got shattered away by Naga and her companions.

My opponent @john7 really played great! I face him often on the battlefield and his line ups are great as always! If you are reading this, please give him a shout out ;)

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. Please let me know your feelings by leaving a comment below.

Last but not least, I really wanna say thanks to the entire @splinterlands team for their fantastic and tireless effort on this game. You guys really rock!

Haven't joined this awesome game yet?? now is the time dude! Follow the link below and get yourself in the amazing world of Splinterlands.

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