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What’s up my fellow splinterlands warriors!

I hope all of you guys are chilling out there in this lovely weekend while keeping an eye in your playings in this game, as most of us who has interaction with hive have at least an account in splinterlands. And we also seeing people from beyond hive ecosystem also joins this game out of curiosity. However, as the season has only started 2 days back, I hope you are currently going with the energy saving plan in ranked matches. I mean only spend around 24 matches in a day and let it recharge back in the next day to to able to play season wise, obviously if you have free time every day. Or you can overplay all the 50 energies in 1 day and let it recharge back after 50 hours to become full capacity again, so a little more than 2 days of gap is there for those who stay busy. I did the same Thing lately after the season start and as I had to come back to my hometown to join a celebration, I played with all the energies in my account and used it down to 0 before leaving my pc. I will be staying for and a day or 2 more so will be on my mobile only, which sucks because I am a desktop user.

However, let’s now move on the main topic of this post as today, I will be talking about 3 more cards from the latest soul-bound reward edition that I maxed out recently. As I am playing with them since their launch in the active gameplay, some of them have really impressed me even in diamond and champ league levels. In one of my previous recent posts, I have talked about the 3 cards among them That I have upgraded to max level successfully and today, I will another 3 of them that I have done the same with.



The first card that I am so glad right now to upgrade into max level finally is the Fungus Flinger. It is most of your favourite card along with the venari marksrat for their martyr ability, which gives + all stats to adjacent friendly monsters when these monster dies in battles, stacking also allowed. I use both of these monsters often and I have the venari marksrat one level left behalf to become max level. But I am Lucky enough to max the other important card right now, Fungus Flinger and hopefully, this will help me even more now.


This is by the way a common edition monster that requires total 400 BCX to become max level. When this card gets upgraded to max level, it gets 2 ranged attack at 4 speed with 4 health along with 3 abilities - Martyr, Blind and affliction. The blind ability will increase evade chances against enemy attacks while the affliction ability if applied will make the enemy monster unable to get healed.



The second card that I would like to showcase as my recently maxed out monster is the Puppet from the death splinter. This is also a common edition monster and it’s attack type is melee. Though I have hardly used this monster in by battles ever but as I have made it max level, I will try to throw it in some friendly matches with maybe melee mayhem or super sneak ruleset it see its performance.


When you upgrade this monster to max level, it possesses 4 melee attack at 5 speed with 5 health along with 3 Abilities - Double Strike, Cripple and Dispel. Among them, my favourite would be the double Strike when used in all melee attack type Mathces, because it will not survive the first place as a defensive card thats for sure, only maybe in low mana matches. Anyways, its high speed attacks with double strike can launch deadly attacks along with the Cripple ability weaken enemy max heath and dispel to remove positive stats from the enemy card. So overall, it can be a good card is such matches.



The last card that I would like To talk About in this post is none other than the famous Ravenwood warden card and most of you like using this card often in battles because of it ls protect ability, Which gives +2 armour upon all 6 friendly monsters. This Monster belongs to the death splinter and this card is a rare edition card that takes 115 total BCX cards to be upgraded into max level. I also like this card very much when battling against Melee and ranged monsters.


When we upgrade this monster card into max level which is 8, it gets 2 ranged attack at 3 speed with 4 health along with 3 abilities- Protect, Inspire and the Fury ability which deals double damage to the enemy monsters with taunt ability. At 4 mana cost only, we are getting decent ranged attack with good speed And health and also strong defensive abilities, so this monster will be very useful in low to medium mana limit matches. I already use this monster often while choosing the dragon, Lux or death summoners and when I know that my opponent will be using melee and ranged monsters. Now that it has become max level, the 2 attack with those 3 abilities will serve me well in the battles I hope.

I hope you liked the 3 reward monsters that I talked about at above and also enjoyed reading my post, what’s your recently reward monster that you have upgraded to any higher level, let me know in the comments below and I will be seeing you all in my next post.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

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Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands!

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