The Never Ending Threat

As we all see ever that than ever before, change is bound to exist and surely, the only constant thing in life is change. Having seen…

No Excuses! You should give a try

I think, it's my third day with inji and so far I love the experiences. You can connect to web3 via Ethereum and Hive Use comments…

Hive price at Christmas...the predictions.

So recently I was reading a post by @nathanmars and he was talking about the price prediction for the HIVE market at Christmas, some of…

$2 HIVE before Christmas

It is less than ten days to Christmas and the three-days chart of the HIVE market is displaying a bullish signal , the current 3days…

The beginning of another bullish journey for HIVE ?

So today the HIVE price went down to touch $1.2800 but the price could not still break the $1 price floor , which means that the 1$ HIVE…

The hype is over for dogecoin??

The dogecoin is currently trading at $0.188 after the dip that happened for a long time.. The daily chart shows that the dogecoin…

The bleeding market still respects a $1 HIVE..

The crypto market generally seems to be bloody as most cryptos are on the bearish trend and that is also an opportunity for a trader to…

Bitcoin still looks bearish.

The bitcoin had a bearish movement for some days which sent its price from $69000 down to its current price which is now at around $48900…

A bullish moment for HIVE this December?

During the recent bullish move on the HIVE market which made its price to touch $3 , there was a price pull back but the HIVE price was…

Get set for a $3 HIVE PRICE??

The HIVE market was able to stay above $1.5 for the last twelve hours and it is currently hovering around $1.8 , the RSI indicator is…

2$ might be the new price floor for HIVE

The hive market has shown that it is fast becoming an independent crypto market that have a promising future , all thanks to so man

Budgeting for your Christmas holiday.

First of all you should Set a kind of spending limit when you are trying to set up your shopping budget.. You should have a plan of how…
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You need A billion dollars to be happy??

Photo credit Billions of people all over the world really wish to become super wealthy because they believe that wealth will help

Creating the habits of savings in children.

Photo credit Financial education is very important , it is good to hav

The NFT Price Floor

The NFT price floor is a web tool which act like a NFT ranking dashboard, it can be regarded as the hub for the NFT prices and the…

Fun Way To Earn Free Crypto

There are so many fun ways to earn cryptos most especially via playing games etc.. So I want to quickly talk about the "Crypto…

A $4 Hive in sight

For a while now , many people were predicting that the Hive p

Ponzi schemes and greed

First of all , what can we define as ponzi schemes? Well Ponzi schemes can be defined as the form of fraud which occurs by luring the…

Punks on hive

Let me quickly talk about the punks on hive... ![20211120_094

HivePunks Update: Sweeping the Floor

Of the thousands of punks I've gazed upon, for some reason this guy is still my favorite, lol. Hang in there, Clay. ![image.png](