Photogenia Graphic - Video - Adds and Infuencer Services

Its been a while since i visited Hive. I came to announce me new company.After some time struggling with projects and ideas I finally…

The Lion's Residence | Meet The Greek Boss Trumpman

Hello Lions and Cubs. Here we are with another episode of THE LION'S RESIDENCE. A light social read about our community members and…
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Undervalued gems that could improve your portfolio

The market is stuck between a rock and a hard place, but in the midst of the flow, it is evident to see that some projects are far beneath…

Blockchain Tech in a Social & Art Platform - Open to Investors and Collaborators

It's been a while since I posted in Hive - Leo - POB etc. I had to work on a big Greek project all these months and unfortunately, I had…

New Nft - 1Copy 1BNB

My New Work Called Belgium Fake It's for sale for 1 BNB and 1 Copy available Visit the link! This time the platform

Buy LEO today! 0.25$

My shortest post ever By Leo Today! I Bought at 0.25$ Have a nice weekend! My Links U can find me : Hive: NFT Showroom :…

The beautiful villages burn beautifully

Apocalyptic posts all around about the Crypto fall. Speculations, Accusations, and a lot of people are nervous. Now you have to…

Shill me your favorite coin - Earn a full upvote!

So, there is this little experiment I want to make but I am going to need your help. Of course, I don't expect you to help me for free…

Why i Like Stellar (XLM)

So Why i like Stellar I like it since i met the coin one year ago when i saw it in Coinbase videos with 4 nice presentations explaining…

New Tribe Alert: Dunk Social

▶️ Watch on 3Speak I am pleased to announce the launch of the new tribe that I have been working on: **Dunk socia

Vitalik speaks in a small Greek conference

Hello Lions and Cubs A small Greek group about cryptocurrency invited the ETH boss to speak and he did. When a person with billions…

CUB ATL | Buy opportunity

Goodmorning Lions and Cubs I see CUB is in 1.3$ at this time I am writing the post! Never see it sow low tbh, but I guess it comes…

Cryptos Cryptonite | The Green Bullet that could kill Cryptoworld

Has it begun? Many say about Elon's manipulation of markets and prices but I saw a deeper problem. An issue came and starting to become…

Adding Cardano & Stellar to my assets

Goodmorning from Patras Greece. My birthday is right in the corner and i made myself a gift. I got two new assets. CARDANO and…

Leo is inovating but sometimes it is a problem beeing ahead and moving fast

Being ahead of your time and innovate is cool but not always in your advantage. I have personal experience in the matter I lived…

Ethereum | The run to 5000

Ether was my first coin. I went in when the Ethereum price was around 200. I was new in crypto (not that now I am old) and was…

The new reality in a world that everything is about profit

During the Covid Crisis, companies had to adjust to the new reality. For the first time, remote work went up to 85-90% in major companies…

Ethereum Classic Shines x4

So let's talk about Ethereum Classic There is a lot of hype towards Ethereum and Dogecoin these days. But in the last week, an…

LEO - CUB price

Hello Hivers and Lions It is 6/5/2021 17:36 GMT+2 Leo's price as I see in DEX is 0.57$ and CUB price is 2.32$ As all crypto market…

Job Post | Website Creation - Paying in Leo - Hive - POB

Hello Lions and Cubs I need a creation of a congress website. Preferred platform: WordPress Speed: Is a plus Contact me in Leofinance…