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There are a lot of universes i adore!
Lord of the Rings, StarWars ( i can write pages and pages about SW) , Game of Thrones, and many many more!
When i go in a Universe i eat the meat and then i eat the bones to.
I love going as deep as possible.Reading fan articles , seeing artwork etc.

But today i will reveal the Series that made me think deeper than any!Its the Man in the High Castle.

The man in the High Castle

The series is based on an alternative historical novel by American writer Philip K. Dick. We see an alternative outcome of WWII in which the Axis won the War splitting the continent in half between Nazi Germany and Japan as allies controlling earth.



In the novel President Roosevelt gets assassinated, the Great Depression holds, and USA in the hands of weaker presidents stays isolated from WWI which brings us to the Axis.Roosevelt was attempted to be killed in the reality to so the irony that the novelist wants to deliver is "how mutch can change if a bullet goes 20-30cm left or right.

The writing is amazing and the series deliver a fantastic result.

We see in every detail what could happen if the free world had lost the war to the powers of Fashism.
We see how a Nazi world would look like. The pros and the cons and how the "after war" generations live in the new "normality".
We see how the opposition is treated, and how the civilization of the Arians and Japanese "superiority" is forced to all races.
We see the difference between occupations, the death of other nation's traditions, and a new shiny and cruel reality. An inhuman regime that tries to consolidate its power forever, and the struggles of those who are willing to resist!
There is also a supernatural element witch binds fantastic with the storyline.

The cast is A-class and i highly recommend you to take a look here : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1740299/



It is what I call "real imagination"
Yes if you see the series or read the book, this is in detail the world we could live in if WWII went different. Men are weak, weak in front of Love, weak in front of Power and we all have monsters and angels inside us.

If you haven't seen it .. well do it!
Please let me know what you think about this beautiful book and series!

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