I will show you how to double 500Euro in 10 days if you promise to convert your 500 profit to LEO

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In my 38 years in life, I am one of those unrest souls always trying to find a goose with golden eggs.

In 2008 I became the best man to a brilliant mind my soul-brother Nick.Nick had a 50+ internet cafe franchise in Greece called "TheWeb" and was doing killer money.
Still, nick was a professional gambler and his money from Sports betting was 10 times more. He was my mentor and taught me 2 simple lessons:

  1. If you can understand the value and place your money to anything with value you win
  2. If you have good information soon you can transform it to money for sure.

So i started to play i made decent money back then, money i later invested in the Entertainment business growing my dancing schools! So I had a new focus.My dancing schools and in combination with some laws they passed in Greece about online Gambling i lost interest and stoped.Later i came to regret this decition


With the closing of my businesses during covid I revisited after 8 years the sports-bet industry.I was thinking "Nah people are smarter now they dont loose money gambling"
Well... i was mistaken..
It seems people bet x5 times more now ... In sports, politics, crypto, e-sports... and tbh it's crazy ... :P The craziest part is that people don't understand the mechanic on the game they play. Why the bookmakers make profits and why only 1-2% of players is truly winning.And they still think they can "predict" the outcome...

Professional Gambling

If you want to understand if someone is a good player or a bad player you have to ask him a single question
How many times were you limited or kicked by a bookmaker?
If he / she answers "never" well ... just lucky or lying...

You see bookmakers love to promote that you will win but when and if you actually do win, they don't like it at all. And i am not talking about random wins.I am talking about winning them all the time.
And yes if you do win they limit you.

The same with casinos.They kicked the card-counters in blackjack which ofc was immoral...
They won with their brain! Shut up and pay them!
Anyway, this is another conversation for another time.


So what about my weird post?And what about doubling 500.

Well, I am trying to contribute in the Leofinance community, and i try to make some profits for myself too.
This post is a triple-win post. Meaning

  1. you will gain profits
  2. our community will benefit if more people invest in LEO
  3. I will benefit because I will ask you 150EU of the 650 u will make. That's right! If you make 650 EURO I want you to be kind and share 150, and in LEO.

It's about 23% but you will make an effortless +500 from your house with 10 minutes of work in 10 days.

  1. Depending on your country maybe you can do more than 650 but i can guarantee 500 profit, not more.

Ofc first you have to make 500 for yourself!

To shake hands i will also ask you for a delegation of your choosing, just not to feel a complete loser if any of you play dirty and don't pay the 150 after you win the 500.


  1. We are talking about sports betting!
  2. I will guide MAX 1 person/week to be sure he understands and make no mistakes.
  3. No you don't double your bets stakes and other magic tricks that do not work
  4. There is not 1 second that you risk your capital if you do what I ll tell you.
  5. I have nothing to do with your money you will handle and operate them, Ill just coach you not to do a mistake.
  6. No links or affiliates nothing to do with that.
  7. if you know these symbols + * - you can do it :P it requires no particular skill
  8. We will not do Arbitrage, we will not Gamble we will do something simpler.
  9. I will call it the 500LEO CLUB


There are about 200+ online bookmakers.
Most of them give offers and deposit bonuses to new members.
There are tons of tricky bonuses designed for you to play and lose. But there are some bonuses we can collect and take advantage of.
In our case you can get from 5-6 bookmakers +600-700 welcome bonuses. Depending on your country of residence the number can change. Then you have to play them.

So let's say you go in with 500 Euro and with specific offers your investment is now 1200. Now you have to roll the bonuses in order to withdraw the funds.
I will help you roll these bonuses with a minimum loss of about 3-5% / Bet.

In this case, you lose about 200 of the 1200 euro investment.
And here is your 500 euro profit.
You withdraw your money and you are +500 in your bank account.

If you are interested write me in the comments and send me a message in Discord.

Have a great weekend.

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