Leo token 1.13$ and climbing | CUB 4.3-4.6$ | Hive push for 1$

19 days ago
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Hello Hivers Lions and CUBS

Did it felt weird when LEO fell under 1$?
Was it like a roll-back??? Well, Leo Spoiled us and when you learn to have your head only looking up it feels strange to look down even for 3-4 days. Yeah, we are spoiled alright...

It was a minimum setback Leo fell to 0.87 only to climb again in the 1.1+ position in 4 days.Ofc it is no big deal still when the 1st team of the championship gets a X in soccer it feels weird ;) this is the curse of the winners ... the fans are greedy!


CUB bottomed in 2$ about a week ago, now touching 4.5$
Farmers and investors seem happy and everything seems to go smooth. There is a massive brain struggle about staking more in the farms or get the cubs in dens, but I guess this is the tricky part of the whole cub project.


I rarely mention Hive's token price but i have to say the Dark age seems over.An undervalued token in my oppinion,starting to push its way on its rightful place!
Hive did an amazing Run and today we see it pushing the 0.8 USD barrier with all the community wishing and hoping to see Hive above 1$


In my interview, i ask my guests about their predictions of LEO and CUB and I speak in discord with many ppl asking their opinion. It seems that most people see LEO going between 2-5 USD in the next 6 months and about 20$ for CUB. And you know what they say...Where is smoke there is fire!

So if you are not yet a Leofinance Member (https://leofinance.io/) or a Cub farmer (https://cubdefi.com/) you should think twice because opportunities don't stay forever!
Also, your opinion and predictions about HIVE and its price interest me a lot!

I wish you a great weekend everyone!

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