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Hello Hivers, Lions, and Cubs.
It's been a while since I posted about my assets.
Let's see how this week went for all my 11 cryptos!



No surprises here.
BTC started falling to 53k at the beginning of the week but finding its self to the new normals "57-60k" in less than 2 days.
The average Transaction fee now 14.88USD and BTC all week near its ATH.



Ethereum had also a week without surprises staying close to 2k.
No more and undervalued coin Ethereumis also close to its ATH with the last 24hours bring the Transacted value to 4.84 BIL.



Well, Hive is the big winner of this week.
Starting with 0.3 now in the way of doubling its value, Hive sits in 0.55 today with an impressive run. Hive had his 1 year birthday yesterday and this is possible a Hype situation, but either way, the metrics are impressive bringing its market cap to 214.6M.
Happy birthday, Hive!

Other Assets

  • Stellar
    Stellar, one of my favorite assets is currently tight in 0.4$ with the Trading activity being 50-50 buy /sell

  • Basic Attention Token
    BAT is +50% today with a strong Buy indicator getting his soft but sitted to 1.15$.Good week and day for BAT

  • Dogecoin
    I hate dogecoin :P, I hated dogecoin from the beginning, and still, I own doge
    Doge is comfortable in the 0.056-0.059 zone without anything exciting this week

  • EOS
    Eos or the "gaming" coin as I name it had a fighting week fighting its way from 3.74 to 4.24 with a high "buy" trading activity today touching 65%!

  • Litecoin
    Long Live Litecoin.I love this coin because it's a TAXI coin!
    Lite value is near 200USD and 70% Buy activity.

    Tbh I don't shit about this coin!
    I just liked the name... 5.72$ today and an 801.6M market cap.. we'll see...

  • Wrapped LEO
    We started the week with 1.05 getting to 1.20 in march 20 and now we are starting this week again from 1.07 But Leo is leo...who does not trust a Lion :)


No surprises this week with the only exception, HIVE.
My guess is that this is birthday HYPE = Some people planned to take some action on the date Hive dinged 1 year.
For the Other coins, we see a stable week. Seems BTC sitting his BIG FAT ASS near ATH gives a "green" peaceful period in all coins.
Have a great day!


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