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#hivegcselfie time
Another Gaming contest by @HiveGc I love to participate

What I Play

So I am an MMO player and I play x6 different Games which I round-robin them during the year.

  • ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)
  • SWTOR (Starwars The Old Republic)
  • WOW (World of Warcraft)
  • GW2 (Guildwars 2)
  • L2 (Lineage II)

So today I will present you some info and SS from my 2 favorite games and will give you small CV info about the character you are watching. After it's about ROLE PLAY games!

Prince Syndra (ESO)


This is Prince Syndra
He is a Bretton Magica Dragonight (Battle Firemage) fighting for the Covenant Packa
He is an arrogant figure raised by nobility and kind of an ass to others.
He has a soft touch for conversations with elves and he loves to flirt with wood elve girls.


He is a mage that can endure a lot of dmg and kill you with fire magic and dragon skills
Now about Elder Scrolls, I have to say

  • Big population
  • Amazing graphics
  • Depth if you like MMO features
  • The Control system is poor and the skills you can use are few because it has to be playable by consoles.....

Oriana (Swtor)


Oriana is an Imperial Sniper in the Star Wars Universe.
She was used from the Empire and the Republic as a double agent and she came out of this power game ALIVE!Now she has no real allegiance to any of the 2 functions wondering the Galaxy with her companions trying to maintain the luxurious life of an ex-imperial and taking some hit-missions for the Huts and bounty givers.She holds good relationships with bounty hunters and republic smugglers.

This weekend she will be playing cards in the imperial city of Drum and Kaas.
Hopefully, there is gonna be no trouble, but i doubt it.

This is what I like in RPG games. You can dive in and forget how shitty the world is ;)
I am not some pessimist, and I love life but using imagination and escaping to universes is what I love!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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