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Hello Hivers, Lions, and Cubs.
Today is my first try to create a unique piece of NFT art.

At the moment I am pending approval in @nftshowroom or as they call it to be whitelisted.
I decided to go with nftshowroom since they are in hive blockchain and see how it goes.
I created and 25-sec animated video piece of digital art with an ETH theme.
For now, I will show you just one "sneak peek" just to let me know if you think I am in the "right way" in your opinion.
Well, here we go ... this is the screenshot of my first piece.
I dont know yet if they name the art pieces buy i will call it "Ethereum Mystic"



Well, the Mystic is from my dancing school archives. She performed in a fantastic place in Kalamata Greece in front of 2000 people in our annual show back in 2015 and now she is my Eth mystic.Hope she brings me luck!

The piece will go live as soon as i get approved :) hope you find it nice!
Please give me suggestions about the prices and edition number you suggest to go for!
This is an exciting start and who knows, maybe it will work out for me :)
Have a great night!

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