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After some of your comments telling me i could do fine in NFT art, I did extensive research today.
Well. It was mindblowing.I was shocked with what is going on and what kind of CRAZY money you can make as an artist in some platforms. Se here an example of what I am talking about!

This guy.... well for real?

Seeing the top artists

I research the top artists and their works, some amazing cashback generating thousands and thousands of dollars and then getting crazy revenues from resales.


After reviewing all the video-gifs and pictures they are selling I realized that it is not something I can't do.
I didn't see some CRAZY untouchable level for me in any form or style.
The best-selling art is something I can do. I don't lack originality, or skills, or ideas.


Right now my only obstacle is for me to get in this I need 1000% focus.
And I can't have it because I am doing 1000 different things to generate money since my businesses are stil closed...still....after one year.... yeah nevermind.

But as we know in business, when things look dark you just have to find the right partner & collaborator.
I need someone to help me out on this and become my partner in this venture.
I will do it any way but I am willing to share to make things easier and faster for me!

What i am looking for

I am looking for someone with perfect knowledge of Gas fees - value - cryptos, and all the technical things that might come up and if he is an NFT buyer and has experience of this market it would be perfect. Please only people who are really interested :D
Have a nice day i will now drink a bottle of wine to "sober up" from UNREAL money-making I saw!

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