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Hello Hivers - Lions and Cubs
Today we will talk about Project Blank.


First of all, let me show you a logo I created for project blank.
Something colorful and happy.
If the leadership likes it i can finalize it! :)


In my last interview, my guest was @nealmcspadden one of Leofinance leaders, or as I call him "The minister or Public relations.
I saw that he was particularly focused on project Blank.
He mentioned the project 3 times.I have to tell you i got intrigued.

People are super excited about CUB and sure it's a great opportunity for farm - moneymaking. But project Blank seems like a milestone from Leo-Team that will try to explode the incoming users to our platform and community.

Check out the links to know more about project Blank

"Twitter on blockchain" he called it with simple words and how brilliant it sounds. I saw an interview of khaal (founder of leofinance) on YouTube saying that the best marketing tool Leofinance prosses is that it can create applications and tools that are useful to other groups and communities.
All I can say is that this is a SPLENDID way of thinking.
I am so curious to see how this can function!


To make a long story short I have to say that I am psyched and I am waiting to see where this project will lead!
Ofc i will do my part and create graphics - gifs - pictures and whatever comes to brain for this project to !

Let me know if you know more about project blank and what is your opinion about it! Are you psyched?

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