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Six days ago I announced that Lionpride (my design gig) will officially accept Leo.
From that time I was spinning my head on how to do it.
I mean I want some extra LEO yes but I also want to contribute.
What I decided was the "10 LEO Gigs"

The concept is simple.

I will continue to create free Gifs and graphics for the community and for all Lions and Cubs to use, with a mention as my reward but I will charge 10 LEO to customize them.
If you want your name or some unique quote in the Gif it will cost you 10LEO.
This way you can support my work and get your own signature and I can still create free gifs for the community.
If you want to own the GIF and you and ONLY you to have it, well ... you can't ;)
Order something new just for you! :P

The Dancing Lion

Not to brag or anything but i think it's insane!
I did this with a lot of love and inspiration and I think it is crazy eyecatching.
Use them ase you please!Just give me a mention if you are kind enough!



How the gig works

As always my graphics are free for all lions and Cubs to use.
But if you like your name placed on the gif or some unique quote of yours you just have to place your order in the comments or in Discord.


You will get your gif-Link uploaded to Giphy and I'll send you the gif in your mailbox or Disc.
I have the same name there mariosfame.
I estimate that you will have your gif in 2-5 hours from the time of delivery. Pretty cool yes?

I hope you enjoy this gig.
I am always available for custom works gifs-flyers-logos-videos-placing your head in Kardashian's body -or whatever :P
Oh yeah! This post is sponsored by the Greek Boss @trumpman
Thank you m8 !

Have a great day all

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