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My second gig graphic is more Sky-fi
With all the newest developments it seems only fitting that I create a more futuristic signature since Leo is the future :D
You can use this GIF as you wish, it's free for all Lions and CUBs to use!A mention would be cool if u use them!
You can find all my gifs for LEO and other works in my Giphy Channel

This is my new signature I liked the outcome a lot!


If you want it customized with your name - tag- whatever it costs 10 LEO
You Order and ill make it for you!

You will get your gif-Link uploaded to Giphy and I'll send you the gif in your mailbox or Disc.
I have the same name there mariosfame.
I estimate that you will have your gif in 2-5 hours from the time of delivery. Pretty cool yes?

I hope you enjoy this gig.
I am always available for custom works gifs-flyers-logos-videos-placing your head in Kardashian's body -or whatever :P
Oh yeah! The gig project is sponsored by the Greek Boss @trumpman
Thank you m8!

Have a great day all

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