The Lion's Residence | Meet Nealmcspadden our Minister of Public Relations

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Hello Lions and Cubs


Here we are with another episode of THE LION'S RESIDENCE.
A light social read about our community members and our leadership.
My last previous guest was @dalz and he asked that this week's guest should be @Nealmcspadden
So shall we go?



Today I am happy to interview @Nealmcspadden
So what do we know about this guy! Well, he is a Celebrity Lion!
We see his face in interviews and podcasts speaking about our community and all the LEO projects all over the internet!
He responded kind and fast to my request for interviewing him, showing once more that the big Lions are there when the smaller Lions call!
So let's see who Neal is!


Leo Status: Curator
Located: Atlanta, US
Leo: @Nealmcspadden
Twitter: @mistermac15

Years in the Crypto world: Technically 6, but only 3 actively
Post Mainly about: Finance & tax
Field of expertise: Tax planning
Prediction of LEO and CUB price in 6 months: LEO - $5, CUB - $50
Favorite Cryptos: RUNE (atm)
Favorite Quote: Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.
Favorite Super Power: Telekinesis

  • Name your favorite cryptos up to 3 and why

    My favorite right now is RUNE. Creating a truly decentralized exchange with native assets is going to be huge.

  • Why someone should Join LEO?

    Someone should join leofinance if they are interested in crypto & finance and enjoy the longer-form content. If they are only interested in short-form content, wait for #projectblank

  • Any Advice to Leo Newcomers?

    Engage with the community. Comment on posts, join the discord, use #projectblank when it comes out.

  • Since you mention it twice. Tell us in one sentence what is #projectblank

    Project blank is Twitter on blockchain.

  • Have you ever been Scammed?

    In life? Many times. In crypto, just a few times. Early on I put some money in livestars and ethertulips. Both projects ended up just ghosting.

  • Three things about yourself?

    I've been in the finance and investing world for 20 years and have had many ups and downs. Three lessons I've learned:

    1. You must always accept the market's feedback,
    2. The focus is everything,
    3. When you find a thesis you believe in you must commit (whale rules).

  • How does it feel to be a spokesman for Leo?

    It's interesting. People seem to think I have some special powers and I get DMs randomly about tech support type stuff. I have no idea about any of that. Like I've said many times, I'm really just a cheerleader. I like what Leo is about, and I'm a huge fan of Khal's vision and leadership.

And ofc the Important question

  • It's 9:00 in the morning, you get up, what do you want to have for breakfast:

    Usually a grilled cheese (sourdough and muenster) and a big mug of green tea.


I don't know about you but now I now know who Neal is.
A great asset to our community. He humbles himself too much saying he is just a cheerleader but I will call him our Minister of Public Relations.
Always with steady words, a valuable thinker-planner-doer for Leo.
He works for LEO to grow. Neal intrigued me by mentioning #projectblank various times and giving a plain and simple explanation that the Blockchain Twitter is comming soon and it's ours! Oh yeah and take it easy with the grilled cheese we need you for the next 60 years!
Thank you for this interview Neal!

Who is Next

Now it is time to Vote for my next Guest!
Neal has the Lion's Vote and he wants @scaredycatguide as my next guest!
Who is your pick?

Let me know what you think about the project in general.
Feel free to send me ideas for questions you would like me to ask in the next interviews.

Have a Great Week


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