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Hello Lions and Cubs
I am starting a weekly interview called THE LION'S RESIDENCE.
It will include about 8-15 questions to residents of Leofinance.
It’s a nice way to create a “light” read about our community members and their leadership.
In time I will also include some "rising stars" and "promising newcomers" interviews.
Questions will be about LEO and some personal stuff, nothing too personal ofc.
Leo is doing a lot of noise in the crypto world with LEO - WLEO - BLEO - CUB project.
It’s a good opportunity since we have a lot of new members to show them who the people pulling the strings are.
They are holding the power, they are curating and they are pushing Leo forward.

Hopefully, it will create some nice traffic on Twitter and other social platforms.
I do this will a lot of respect to my guests and to other interview projects out there in Hive and LEO.
I will try to keep it real with original questions and content, giving a different perspective of LEO natives and ofc never offending anyone!


The process is easy. Every week I will post a new interview.
I will contact the "most wanted" person and send the questions via Discord.
When i got them back i will post the interview! Simple as that.

So let's start, shall we?



My first interview is @Dalz.
I am interviewing him first because he is high in Leo's food chain and very helpful to newcomers.
My experience with Dalz is that he always answers to me in 5 minutes even when I make stupid questions, which is almost every time. In my opinion this very important to a growing community to see a high-rank individual giving his time to help newbies!
So let's see who Dalz is!


Leo Status: Curator
Located: Eastern Europe
Leo: @dalz
Twitter: @Dalz19631657

Years in the Crypto world: 4 Years
Post Mainly about: Crypto, Data, Stats
Field of expertise: I’m a mechanical engineer with a closer focus on the energy sector.
Prediction of LEO and CUB price in 6 months: LEO 3$ to 5$, CUB 50$
Favorite Cryptos: BTC/ETH/HIVE-LEO
Favorite Quote:Courage to change the things I can, serenity to accept the things I cannot change, and wisdom to know the difference.
Favorite Super Power: Ignore ballshit.

  • Name your favorite cryptos up to 3 and why
  1. Bitcoin as the one who started all with an amazing revolutionary idea.
  2. Ethereum as the founder of Smart Contracts and the leading innovation platform in crypto.
  3. Hive/LEO as the most social blockchain of them all with the strongest connection between communities members.

  • Why someone should Join LEO

    They can learn a lot while having fun and creating new connections. Off course earn crypto on top of this.

  • Any Advice to Leo Newcomers

    Engage, Comment on, engage in discord, make an authentic and honest post. Share your first impressions and experience. Been authentic is worth more than expertise.

  • Have you ever been Scammed?

    Yes multiple times in the presales listings on Uniswap and later on BSC. Also, back in 2017 with some ICOs. I have been fully aware of the risks that come with these things, just have been trying my luck.

  • Tree things about yourself

    Male in his 30s, always curious about new things.


  • It's 03:00 you feel sad, and you had 2 beers, the song you gonna play is?

    Probably something from Depeche Mode.

Well, I picked that one for you!
Thanks a lot for your time and quick response.5 minutes as usual :)


The first Resident interview is now complete.
Now we know better who Dalz is!
A great guy, very helpful and positive who lives in Eastern Europe, and Loves Depeche Mode at 03:00 to cure sadness.
Not afraid to admit that he got scammed many times and seems like he wants to be a millionaire predicting LEO 3-5 and 50$ CUB.
Hope he does!

Let me know what you think about the project in general.
Feel free to send me ideas for questions you would like me to ask in the next interviews.

Who is Next?

Well, you Decide.
Let me know who you think should be NEXT.
Give me your preferences in the comments.
The most popular demand will be the first choice so let me know about your pick!
If there is no demand then I will pick :)
The heavy vote comes always from the person i interviewed
@dalz pick for the next interview is : @nealmcspadden

So have a great week everyone and don't forget to farm some CUB in


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